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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


We all need a little of a lot of inspiration

We all need to feel inspired so we can continue on our journey to create and do big things. But what is inspiration and what does it really mean? What is that fuel that ignites our creative fire? Its literal definition is a ‘motivating action or influence that results in creative works and productivity of all kinds.
This “motivating action” can be thin, fat, funny, scary, a figment of imagination, a face, a word, a number or an unidentified sound. It could be found on the street, in a book, a picture or even on a cloud.  It could visit you on the days you least expect it and sometimes you don’t get to meet it even if you desperately search for it. You could go an entire year without coming across it or find different kinds of inspiration every hour of the day.
All you have to do is keep your eyes, ears and heart open. Never discriminate against things that might inspire you because does inspiration discriminate against you? 
Things you might term as strange or unfamiliar could help you transform your inner creativity into external wonders for people to marvel at, scoff at or even laugh at. 

So you could be a writer, an engineer, an actor, a singer or someone new everyday. Your inspiration will help you move in the direction you wish to move in, helping you lead the way for others. Or in other words, become an inspiration yourself.

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