The Habit of Reading

Reading has been around for as long as books have been around, and that takes us back to thousands of years. Human beings have been recording their knowledge in the form of books for others to read since time immemorial. Ancient texts were written and immortalized in books even in the absence of technology. Reading as an activity has been practiced for acquiring knowledge as well as entertainment. The habit of reading is very beneficial and should be inculcated.

Here are some reasons why reading is a good habit:

Awareness:- Reading increases your awareness of the world in general. One is able to gather more information about their environment if they are inclined towards reading.

Vocabulary:- The habit of regular reading helps us develop a good vocabulary. An extensive reader will have a wide recognition vocabulary. He might not know the exact meaning of every word, but he will have an excellent understanding of the essence of the sentence. Frequent reading enables you, to become alert and zealous about new words. Some of the regular readers develop the habit of referring the dictionary. Each and every time they come across an unknown word, they try to find out what can be its possible meaning by the context. If they cannot figure it out, they refer to the dictionary.

Positivity:- Habitual reading helps you to have an active and positive set of mind. Just understanding the author’s idea is not sufficient. You should respond positively to what you read. One of the pragmatic parts of active reading is the ability to conclude.

Good Use of Time:- Reading is an excellent use of time, as not only does it occupy and entertain us, it also aids in our personal and intellectual growth. So one should indulge in reading in their leisure time as well, making most of the limited time we have in our day.

Entertainment:- The best part is that reading is a lot of fun and if you don’t find it entertaining, chances are that you have not found the right book for yourself. There is definitely at least one genre of books out there for each one of us.

Acquiring Knowledge:- Gaining knowledge is the primary function of books and one that we all are aware of since kindergarten. We read for learning in schools, colleges and self learning in later years. A habit of reading makes one go through all these processes of learning, with much ease.

Opens The Mind:- Reading is basically a psychological activity. This is because, we read with our mind and use our power of imagination to perceive the scene of the melodrama we are reading. We use our mind to feel the struggle that the protagonist experiences as the story goes on. We also bring into light the different opinions and ideas brought up by the writer in that personal guide book we are going through.

Intellectual Curiosity:- In the similar fashion, regular reading boosts intellectual curiosity by exposing you to a variety of books. You tend to start reading by reading books of increased complexity and variety. Also, you learn by actually experimenting different things.

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