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Role of an Educator in New Era

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than those who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”

The very oft quoted remark by Aristotle on ‘Teachers’ sounds so true today, as it was then. The teacher imparts and disseminates the knowledge so her/his role is of paramount importance in moulding the life of a student. The role of a teacher in the 21st century has changed hugely with the intervention of technology in almost every sphere and also because of the change in the outlook of the students. They have become more mature now as compared to earlier times. The 21st century requisite skills include, Thinking Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Information Media, Technological Skills as well as Life Skills. Gone are the days for rote learning. The time is now to meet the corporate needs. Technology can aid in the development in classroom teaching with its myriad online resources available. These online resources can definitely improve and bridge the gap of traditional vs virtual method of teaching by keeping learners more engaged. The virtual learning environment boosts collaborative learning and knowledge sharing among the teaching fraternity.

Global citizens are being shaped in the classrooms that are aided by technology. It helps connect students across the globe. It enables us to promote cultura

understanding. Students can feel a sense of belonging to other cultures by connecting with them through tech tools. We all are inextricably connected to technology. The time has ripened for teachers to move beyond their traditional role and is now expected to bridge the gap of academia and industry. The role is shifted to not only bequeathing knowledge to learners but also, to mould them as responsible citizens. In the process of teaching learning it is important to measure the nerve of the students. As it has been mentioned that no two are alike, so the needs of every learner are different. The remarks by Bill Gates are worth mentioning here in this context about the essential role of teachers as “technology is just a tool; in terms of getting the kids together and motivating them, teacher is the most important”. Tech tools are unable to cater and identify the student’s needs, psychology and his condition. It is the teacher who detects and identifies the learner with his capacities and talents, capabilities and infirmities, virtues and vices, and leads him to the goal. The focus must be on searching those hidden latent talents and qualities of a learner and cater to them efficiently and to be able to prepare them to face the future with confidence.

To conclude, I would like to quote the lines by Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya, “It lies largely in his teacher’s hand to mould the mind of the child who is the father of the man. If he is patriotic and devoted to the national cause and realizes his responsibility, he can produce a race of patriotic men and women who would religiously place the country above the community and national gain above communal advantage.” These lines by him truly portray the treasured role of a teacher in the society. The effect and influence of a teacher is all-pervasive in the life of a learner.

Written By:- Dr. Chhavi Kulshreshtha, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education and Humanities, MRU

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