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Importance and Role of Photography in Journalism

Freezing the moments by clicking a button is something everyone loves to do. The way to do so is called the art of photography. In this digital era where everything is instant just like coffee, capturing photograph is also a same kind of work with the help of mobiles and DSLR. The field of photography demands passion and hard work, so if you have both then you can accomplish milestones like Raghu Rai or Steve McCurry did. In mass communication and journalism, visuals play a pivotal role for a story. “A picture says more than thousand words”, this famous line explain itself the power of photographs.

Why Photography?

This field belongs to those only who are creative and wants to explore something new. The art in photography can also be defined as ‘The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality’. Those who want to creatively explore the new dimension can be a photographer.

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Opportunity for Photojournalist

As the world is rapidly changing and new technologies are evolving, there are a plethora of opportunities which are emerging in photography. As this field requires special skills, one can learn and be a professional photographer. Now a day you can be a product photographer or wedding photographer. A good photographer is someone who has exceptional set of skills and familiar with the current trends also. From advertising to fashion, there are numerous options one can opt from.


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