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Tips to Win the Group Discussion

When it’s time for you to begin your career, whether it is campus recruitments or other recruitment drives, fresher’s in hoards throng to the venue for the job opportunities. The very first level of elimination is the Group discussions, making it the most fearsome hurdle between you and the job. of course, there are many rounds of interviews for the few vacancies on offer, but one would be able to go through them only, if one is able to get through the Group Discussion round first. Here are a few factors that should be taken care of for acing a Group Discussion.

Follow These Tip whenever you Join Group Discussion

Groom Yourself for GD

The first thing that catches the eye about a person is grooming. It is first impression that matters a lot. Keeping this in mind one should dress up well and pay attention to their grooming for the Group Discussion.

Take Clarifications if Required Beforehand

One should clear any doubts if they have beforehand itself, so that one is able to start the Group Discussion on a clear note.


Always Carry Pen and Notebook

One should ensure that they carry a pen and a notepad to the Group Discussion, so that they are able to jot down any points while participating in the discussion, not only does this help you in remembering your points well, it also shows your preparedness to the recruiters.


Follow Body language Tips For Group Discussion

One should pay attention to body language while in the discussion, as these are the things that are noticed by the recruiters. they pay very close attention to the way the candidates carry themselves and speak. Some pointers of correct body language are

  • Don’t Point on others
  • Don’t cross hands
  • Use your hands while talking ( hands facing up and open suggest a confident personality )
  • Sit Erect, don’t slouch
  • Don’t bite nails

Initiate the Discussion if Possible

It’s always advisable to initiate the discussion, unless one is not confident about the topic. In such case when the topic is unfamiliar wait and let someone else initiate the discussion and then you will be able to get information about the topic, which can then be used to give astute comments.

Maintain Eye Contact while Speaking

It’s extremely important to maintain eye contact while speaking. While addressing a group, one should make eye contact with all the members equally with whom it’s possible to make eye contact ( due to proximity and line of vision )


Be A Good Listener in Group Discussion

Usually, people think that in a Group discussion one should go on speaking, even though it is good to talk in a group discussion, but one should also be able to listen to the important points made by other candidates as well, not only does it give you new ideas, it also gives you time to think and formulate your next response, which would be very much in the right context.


Speak well and Aloud

This is the most important of all the points, ultimately one has to speak well in order to impress the recruiters. Hence one should polish their language skills and increase their knowledge base.

Maintain Decorum

It is very important to maintain decorum while in a Group Discussion, as unruly behavior is the most undesirable for everyone.

Be Positive During Group Discussion

Lastly, be positive. It affects us, as well as others around us.


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