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B.A. Liberal Arts with Sociology Majors: Flight to Fascinating Careers! 

B.A. Liberal Arts with Major in Sociology: Grooming Societal Dynamics Experts!

If you find yourself drawn to the complexities of society, the intricacies of human behavior, and the fascinating interplay of cultures, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we engage in an enthralling expedition into the realm of B.A. Liberal Arts in Sociology, where we’ll delve into the profound study of societies, past and present while disentangling the threads that bind us together as a global community. Let curiosity be our compass as we navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of sociology, forging a deeper appreciation for the world we inhabit and the people who inhabit it with us.

Understanding society’s complexity and dynamics has become more crucial in an ever-changing and interconnected world. B.A. Liberal Arts with majors in Sociology offers a powerful lens to gain valuable insights into society and its evolution, culture, human behavior, anthropology, religion, etc. By studying social institutions such as family, religion, and government, aspiring sociologists can entangle the underlying mechanisms that influence human interactions and societal structures.

Furthermore, this course facilitates a comprehensive understanding of social theory, research methodologies, a framework of social stratification, family and marriage dynamics, and the concept of social change deviance and crime studies. The significance of this course extends beyond academic endeavors, as it nurtures empathy and compassion, motivating students to acknowledge and respond to the necessities of varied communities.

The comprehensive curriculum at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies (MRIIRS) for B.A. Liberal Arts in Sociology nurtures critical and creative thinking, equipping students of society with a multi-disciplinary approach and varied career opportunities are open for the learners.

B.A. (Hons.) Sociology course aims to develop educational and personality development skills promoting a holistic education with an emphasis on skill and ability enhancement, entrepreneurship, gender, environment, and sustainability.

Nurturing Inquisitive Minds for a Globalized World at Manav Rachna

School of Behavioral and Social Sciences (SBSS) at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies offers a B.A. Liberal Arts degree with a major in Sociology, along with many other different subject choices such as Applied Psychology, Economics, Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy. Aligned with National Education Policy 2020, the program’s curriculum promotes a diversified and holistic approach, encouraging students to engage in innovative, exploratory, and discovery-based education models. By exploring various issues and availing of skill enhancement opportunities, learners are presented with better career prospects. 

Throughout the B.A. Liberal Arts program, students gain invaluable perspectives on society’s development, culture, human behavior, anthropology, religion, and more. Sociology serves as a scientific investigation of societal structures and social behaviors, providing a framework to analyze essential social institutions such as family, religion, and government. This educational experience equips students with essential tools to navigate the complexities of society, fostering a deep comprehension of the interconnections that bind us as a global community.

Liberal arts courses with sociology majors can provide a theoretical and conceptual foundation for social, cultural, and historical contexts. The course will allow students to engage in subject-based broad discussions covering societal issues and problems, developing a sociological imagination by focusing on gender, caste, class, kinship, religion, social institutions, social structure, and social phenomenon. Along with concepts, theories are a major part of any discipline. Sociology emphasizes a strong relationship between concepts and theories which builds up the structure of any course.

Discover a Dynamic Range of Topics

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BA Liberal Arts with majors in Sociology will prove to develop a dynamic approach to studying society from various theoretical and conceptual sociological perspectives. The focus on eminent sociological thinkers like Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, George Simmel, Vilfredo Pareto, and others will lead to building a classical and contemporary sociological perspective. This understanding is reflected in the various major theoretical courses in the program like Classical Sociological Theory and Contemporary Sociological Theory. BA Liberal Arts subjects that are covered in the course are Gender, Urban and Rural Sociology, culture, research methodologies, social movements, and occupational and industrial sociology.

Learners who complete this program will have access to a variety of professional prospects that includes Social science research, community development initiatives, corporate social responsibility (CSR), human resource management (HRM), non-governmental organizations, social work, public policy, and public administration are some of the career opportunities.

Sociology, as an empirical discipline, delves into the fundamental questions of how and why we study society. By exploring the different components that form the social structure, sociology offers a comprehensive understanding of the intricate fabric of human interactions. As a discipline of behavioral and social sciences, sociology is an emerging field in various career dimensions. The focus of theorists, sociologists, anthropologists, and social scientists is on both the structure and function of the subject.

Unfolding Sociological Narrative

Let us unfold a sociological narrative and understand sociology better with a real-life perspective: In a family, there was a married woman who was keen to study society from different approaches but her in-laws were against her ambition to focus on societal perspective. Her in-laws would always taunt her with sayings like “Girls should not study sociology and not do Ph.D.”. But her ambition led her to bring about change in their ideology. This narrative is an instance of gender biases prevailing in society and not encouraging girls and women to take up higher studies in social sciences. However, it also reflects the social change in the perspective of people over generations and emphasizes the sociological concept of social mobility. Social mobility is the transition from one particular phase to another yielding positive results in society. However, it is essential to recognize that the results are not uniformly positive; on occasions, they may foster a regressive ideological perspective. These narratives highlight the constantly evolving nature of society and underscore the significant role it plays in understanding and shaping these changes.

Fostering Sociological Imagination with B.A. Liberal Arts in Sociology

While teaching sociology at SBSS, MRIIRS, I have seen a change in students’ view of societal issues, troubles, and problems from a socio-political lens. This understanding has motivated students to pursue higher studies, as they recognize the significance of sociology in comprehending the world around them. When students study sociology they not only have various career options, but they also develop a sociological imagination which helps them in understanding day-to-day practices related to society. At the department, faculty members employ cutting-edge and innovative teaching practices, fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

To teach B.A. Liberal Arts with majors in Sociology course, we have at SBSS, MRIIRS, three Doctoral distinguished faculties Dr. Bhavna Kataria, Dr. Sundaresha, and Dr. W.S. Machutmi, who have completed their education from reputed universities and are experts in their domains. Sociology along with Liberal Arts is a major step that the government has taken up in introducing the National Education Policy 2020. This is a revolutionary step in mobilizing the education system by bringing up reforms in the education sector. This development has enhanced employment opportunities for several potential employees and employers by inculcating multiple skilled tasks. This course will teach students how to develop a holistic approach toward education from different viewpoints and ultimately learn the art of bridging gaps across disciplines. In a way, this has pushed up the education, employment, and labor market structure of India.

Empowering Education at MRIIRS: Journey of Sociological Insight and Personal Growth

In conclusion, I would like to address that MRIIRS has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) as an A++ University. The university campus is well-equipped with all facilities like library resources, a beautiful campus, and efficient air-conditioned classrooms with projectors, canteens, cafeterias, and hostel facilities. Students should come and study this course at SBSS, MRIIRS to enrich themselves with broad knowledge and active learning through the innovative use of flipped classroom teaching. Flipped classroom learning will improve their knowledge as students can have group discussions on any topic in the class. The students have two types of classes at MRIIRS – lecture and tutorial. Both have different pedagogical approaches contributing to the education and personality development of the students. The mentor-mentee relationship between faculty and students builds up the bond of trust and wisdom. This relationship plays a major role in mobilizing the educational growth of the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies.

Thus, the fusion of MRIIRS’s exceptional educational milieu with the visionary sociology major within the Liberal Arts program creates a symbiotic relationship that pushes students toward a future of boundless possibilities. Aspiring individuals seeking a transformative educational journey and the means to effect positive change are beckoned to embrace the path of sociology within the liberal arts program at MRIIRS, where knowledge, growth, and societal impact intertwine harmoniously.

The sociology major in the BA Liberal Arts program is a powerful catalyst for change. It nurtures well-rounded thinkers with a deep understanding of human behavior and societies, pushing graduates to create waves of positive impact in the world. Armed with empathy and analytical prowess, shaping a future that transcends boundaries and embraces diversity. So, if you seek a degree that goes beyond the ordinary, where the pursuit of knowledge merges with the pursuit of a better world, then the path of sociology in liberal arts calls you with open arms. Embrace it, and let your potential soar.

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Authored by: Dr. Bhavna Kataria, Assistant Professor (Sociology)  Department of Social and Political Studies, School of Behavioral and Social Sciences,  MRIIRS


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