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Welcome to the Alumni Relations Office

The Alumni Relations Office recognizes, acknowledges, and cherishes our alumni as vital stakeholders in the advancement of the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) and continually strives to launch new initiatives that meet the needs of the ever-evolving alumni fraternity.

It is our goal that the alumni network/chapter system continues to strengthen the bond between MREI and its alumni by increasing their participation, involvement, and communication. Maintaining positive relationships and enhancing services is a primary focus of the Alumni Relations Office and an integral piece of our overarching alumni engagement efforts.

Having graduated from the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions, its alumni are promising critical thinkers, trained to spearhead the research and ethical entrepreneurship and create value for next-generation India and the world.

The Alumni Relations Office takes care of alumni engagement and maintains a communication channel with them; keeping them informed of their alma-mater’s achievements and making them a part of the institution’s future and not just its past. Each of Manav Rachna’s Alumni is an important part of the more than 2 decades old educational heritage and the Alumni Relations Office wishes to strengthen this legacy by celebrating them and their accomplishments.

From the President’s Desk

More than two decades ago, MREI committed itself to answer the urgent need for a robust professional education. We established ourselves as a pioneer in the movement and developed a path-breaking model we have continued to drive forward. MREI is a community where the best and brightest students learn from renowned faculty members and strategic partnerships. The fact that our alumni are working in the best companies across the world is a matter of huge gratification for us. It is indeed a testament to our extremely talented faculty who have inculcated a spirit of dedication, sincerity and loyalty in each Alumni of Manav Rachna. I am confident that the untiring efforts of our Alumni and their high powered spirit of innovation and implementation will take our nation to great heights. In the third decade of our glorious existence, we are seeking to move to the next level by sharply focusing on our ability to innovate through partnerships. We are also transforming the way education is perceived and taught as a discipline while bringing a diverse synthesis of students to our programmes.

Dr Prashant Bhalla,


Manav Rachna Educational Institutions

From the Vice President’s Desk

Dear Alumni,
We are driven by the desire to help students attain the highest level of professional & educational excellence. Everything we do, lead towards one outcome: distinction. This is the MREI promise and we are committed to fulfilling it. This is a powerful motivator for us, and we embrace the responsibilities inherent in fulfilling that promise. We take to heart the words of our visionary founder, who foresaw Manav Rachna as a natural partner- both for the development of the Manav Rachna ecology and to address the well-being of the community. With more than 34000+ alumni living in every part of the world, Manav Rachna has earned a reputation for its excellence and leadership. We truly believe that while the MR-ite experience begins on campus, it is revered for the rest of one’s life. The Alumni Relations Office plays a major role in building long-lasting relationships and creating camaraderie amongst a global community. We would look forward to remaining associated with you and providing our support in every endeavour of yours. Together we will make every effort in making this world a better place for our generations to come and enable them to enjoy our efforts.

Dr Amit Bhalla,

Vice President,

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions

From the Vice Chancellor’s Desk

Dear Torchbearers of MR,
It gives us immense pleasure to have continued an active relationship with you. We, at Manav Rachna, are extremely confident that you are progressing well in your career and earning laurels for yourself as well as for your parents, guardians, your alma mater and our nation. You are in the league of 34,000 + successful Manav Rachna Alumni members working in various organizations in almost every part of the world. We are delighted to experience the advancements of our Alumni in the fields of their respective professions. With the untiring efforts of our Alumni, Manav Rachna is being recognized across the globe. Our existing students are enjoying the inheritance that their Alumni have bestowed upon them. With the Blessings of our founder visionary, Dr OP Bhalla & under the dynamic leadership of our Chief Patron, Madam Satya Bhalla, we undertook this colossal task of creating the Manav Rachna Alumni Relations Office (MRARO). It is one of the best platforms to stay connected with your alma mater and re-establish bonds with your batch-mates. I am confident that the legacy earned by you will be cherished and enjoyed by your juniors over the years to come. You are an integral part of the Manav Rachna fraternity- its present achievements and future hopes.

Dr Sanjay Srivastava,


Manav Rachna Educational Institutions

From the Vice Chancellor’s Desk

Dear Alumni,
First of all, let me acknowledge and thank you for your significant role in supporting the future alumni community, who will join them in the times to come. Many of you have already contributed to supporting needy students, mentored those involved in innovations, delivered motivational lectures, conducted training to give them the right skill sets, and helped in recruiting the students currently studying in your alma mater. In doing so, you have shared the lessons you’ve learned in life created invaluable opportunities for the next generation. I know they will pass it forward by offering a hand to the graduating classes that will follow in their wake. Thank you for your valuable involvement with Manav Rachna and for making us proud of what you have achieved. In the present times, the best universities are those that have close connections with alumni and who endeavour to make the university one of the best through their collective vision. Many of you have occupied senior leadership positions, working in many different geographical boundaries as entrepreneurs, scientists, performing artists, educators, volunteers, public servants etc. and might have not gotten an opportunity to visit the campus lately. Therefore, I invite you to see how a small sapling of your yesteryear is still flowering with new talents and is training new generations using advanced facilities. I am confident that you will be pleased with the efforts being made by us at the campus. On behalf of the University, it is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you into the university alumni community. We look forward to seeing you on campus and offer you our best wishes in your all endeavours ahead. We are constantly striving to make your alma mater one of the best and it cannot be achieved without your active involvement. You are our greatest resource for us in escalating Manav Rachna to being the greatest university, globally. Particularly because we share common core values laid down by our beloved founder Dr O P Bhalla, who was himself an embodiment of “a commitment to service”, and who created a belief of access and opportunity in us, which continues to drive us in making a positive difference that unites all of us. As our alumni, you have been passionate in your support for bringing our shared values to life and we cannot thank you enough for the same.

Dr I.K. Bhat,


Manav Rachna University

Utkrisht- Icons of Manav Rachna

To celebrate the success of its cherished alumni and to offer a tribute to unswerving love towards their alma mater, Manav Rachna University has launched a book- “Utkrisht”-Icons of Manav Rachna which features the 25 inspiring stories of its alumni along with many motivational victories.

The book was launched in the courteous presence of Shri Kapil Dev. Read More



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