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In the education industry, the alumni are the most valued ambassadors of their alma maters. Join us in the education movement called Manav Rachna and help our young human capital reach their dream designations. Post a job opportunity or internship for free, on our formal communication channels and through our social media portals. Connect with our corporate resource centre to fulfil your industrial and entrepreneurial requirements.


In case you have taken the road less travelled and chosen the path of entrepreneurship, ManavRachna would be privileged to expand its association with you beyond its immediate role as your alma mater. If you think your services/products can value in the lives of our students, faculty members, infrastructure, operations and the Manav Rachna brand, and you can confidently bring a differentiating factor to our table, we would be happy to hear from you.


At Manav Rachhna, we know that professional prosperity and quality education are inexorably linked. Organisations are on a constant lookout for smart employees with possession of advanced knowledge and the latest industry-aligned skills. However, your professional obligations might seldom offer you the provision to advance your qualifications. To address this, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies has launched a Centre for Distance and Online Education, exclusively designed to cater to those professionals and students who are not able to draw benefits from conventional systems of Education.

Reach out to our Centre for Distance Learning and get ready to join the sterling corporate guild.  With our new-age UGC approved, globally acknowledged programs holding equal academic value to on-campus degrees, you can successfully address the technology-intensive needs of today and reach the zenith of professional success.


Manav Rachna offers/accepts incisive Skills Development Programs for its alumni to be Corporate/industry Ready. It achieves its Employability enhancement objectives by conducting Intensive Goal Oriented, customized training and is managed by a well-groomed team from the Academic and Corporate world. The Alumni Relations Office also plays a major role in helping create a robust professional, global network to bridge the universal demand-supply professional gap. Reach out to us for our short term capsule programs like:

  • Hotel Management
  • Sports Sciences
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Guidance
  • Skill Enhancement Modules and many more opportunities to relive the experience of Manav Rachna


Manav Rachna has served as your second home for all those years when you were here.. Being an alumnus has provided you with a new world and a new life. Now, you have a chance to add another invaluable horizon to it that would make your professional magnification, limitless and break the linguistic barriers of your career. Manav Rachna’s Centre of Foreign Languages delivers rigorous training in career friendly foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Register with us to add another milestone in your CV and secure a place in the global frontline.


No Education is complete until it strengthens the very community from where it has found its roots. Join us in giving back to the alma mater. Make a contribution in your capacity to Manav Rachna and leave your footprint in time by assisting present MR-ites in research projects, funding events, instituting scholarships, counselling and providing job assistance. Support, inspire and shape the future of young Manav Rachna researchers, entrepreneurs and future leaders. Reach out to our helpline for alliance.


There are people like you who have journeyed so far ahead in their chosen professions and getting guidance with their experience in their respective field can hold great eminence to the young minds. Manav Rachna holds an intent to enhance Alumni engagement and ensure that the students have access to a robust network to form meaningful and long-lasting relationships. With this concept, Manav Rachna has launched the Alumni mentorship series- an analogy that puts the alumni mentor on a much-deserved pedestal. The series has already conducted 10 invigorating sessions that have escalated the mentors to an almost celestial degree, while continuing to practise critical thinking of their shared wisdom, thereby giving guidance to the budding alumni. For this noble pursuit, you can self-nominate yourself through the attached form and become a guiding light to radicalize the lives of your juniors.


The Alumni Handshake is a career networking platform that allows the alumni to discover and help each other in finding jobs in their respective areas of interest. Here, the alumni develop a symbiotically beneficial relationship and help each other and the current students of Manav Rachna in a range of career enhancement activities like mentoring, hiring, referring for professionally vacant positions etc.

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