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Paryavaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi

PARYAVARAN SANRAKSHAN is an all India group dedicated to protect, analyze and monitor the Environment against misuse by human forces. A few thousand people are part of its organizational structure. The aim of the group is to focus on building an Eco-Friendly Society wherein there is consciousness about planting trees, preservation and respect for the blue gold i.e. water and to curb the menace of solid waste generation especially by plastics. Parallel with the rise of the modern industrialized society, there has been neglect and indifferent attitude towards biophysical environment. Keeping this in mind, Paryavaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi has taken an initiative to bring together all Educational Institutes in the Country to build “Youth for Tomorrow” who is sensitive to ‘Vasundhara’ and can transform the Society with people who could be applauded as the “Paryavaran Prahari”, serving the Environment for their own good. With this thought process, the current activity of Parvayaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi has been designed to unfurl the warmth of “Panch Mahabhutas” in different Universities across the Country with an objective to sensitize, encourage and engage students in activities that help them to value Environment and to identify solutions for local problems through innovative ideas and research. It will also help to build an eco- friendly mindset among youth which helps in conservation of natural resources.

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