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Legal education is a human science which furnishes beyond techniques, skills and competences the basic philosophies, ideologies, critiques, and instrumentalities all addressed to the creation and maintenance of a just society. It provides occasions for articulation of theories of a just society and teaches us that articulation must be grounded in historical realities so that the truth of the working of the legal order is brought to the forefront. It is a subject of great importance in view of its dynamic role in moulding and envisioning the legal system of the country-thus being instrumental in the accomplishment of the cherished objectives of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity of a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic. Legal education is a broad concept. It includes the profession which is practiced in courts, law teaching, law research, administration in different branches where law plays a role and commercial and industrial employments and all other activities which postulate and require the use of legal knowledge and skill.
It plays a vital role in nation building as it facilitates settlement of disputes by the procedure established by law in a peaceful manner. Globalization has posed many new challenges and opportunities, which have created the need for competent scholars, lawyers and legal professionals. Contemporary law profession acquires paramount significance in face of ever growing cyber misdemeanor. In order to make the students understand the relevance and significance of democratic values, quality legal education is a sine qua non.

Manav Rachna University is focused on producing litigation specialists, corporate lawyers and professionals. The Faculty of Law is committed to provide high quality education by integrating the legal concepts of students with an incisive and practical understanding of law. The program (subject to approval by the Bar Council of India)focuses on a holistic approach to the study of law, taught in the context of the socio-economic-cultural developments in India.

At MRU students are given exposure to cutting edge issues of law and policy ranging from women’s rights to international trade. Emphasizing innovative teaching in an encouraging and open academic environment, students are groomed for bright professional careers under the aegis of expert faculty, by providing wide range of exposure on theoretical as well as practical aspects of law. With a high quality education bolstered by unique work experiences, our graduating students will be armed with the skills they need to succeed in a diverse set of fields, both in India and abroad. Graduates of the Faculty of Law shall be able to address the challenges posed by increasing use of technology for conducting businesses, development in product innovations and diminishing global boundaries.

Law Courses Offered

The Indian Advocates Act, 1961, recognizes only one generic term ‘advocate’ – authoritative legal professionals in the country. Advocates are the only recognized class of person entitled to practise law. A law degree is presumptive evidence of a person’s fitness for the practice of law.

Law courses in India are increasingly gaining popularity among students both at the undergraduate and at the postgraduate level. Law programs are now among the top ten programs in India. You can enroll for a five-year LLB (Hons.) straight after your 10+2.

LLB (Hons) will make student a Law Graduate and occupy a very important position in the following fields:

1. In the realm of Legal Practice includes:

  • Advocates with career opportunities in Law Firms, LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) and Judicial Services

  • Solicitors and

  • Legal Professionals with career options in Private Sector, Company Secretary Legal, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), Government Departments, Legal Editors, Legal Consultants and Arbitrators etc.

2. External to the realm of Legal Practice includes:

  • Academia

  • Legal Correspondents/Authors

  • Civil Services

  • Legal Management Group (Previously was part of Personnel Management)

  • Judge Advocate General in Defence Services

  • Police Service

  • Politician

  • Indian Legal Service etc.

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