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Professor Emeritus – Faculty of Law

Prof. Jose Verghese

LLM, Ph.D.

Experience – Founder Vice Chancellor, Hidayattullah National Law University, Raipur; Former Chair Professor ADR at NLSIU, Bangalore; Emeritus Fellow UGC at NLSIU.

Specialization: Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Knowledge of law is inevitable in today’s world. Law governs each and every aspect of our life. A brief glance at the modern history of India and one can easily understand the important role played by lawyers in our polity. It was the lawyers’ community, which led the freedom movement successfully. Most of our leaders and freedom fighters have been lawyers. Lawyers are social engineers, who steer the direction of law in any society. Lawyers are at the forefront whenever legal system faces any crisis. Legal education, thus, plays an important role in the establishment of law, order and justice in any society. Legal awareness today is at its peak, thanks to the lawyers, who always keep a tight vigil on the arbitrary actions of authorities and remind people of their rights and freedoms. A pro-active judiciary has played an important role in safeguarding our individual as well as collective rights. As the complexities of life increase, so does the demand for legal professionals, primarily due to their superior domain knowledge and ability to effectively use the same to solve our problems. So come and be part of the movement called Legal education, which is undergoing transformation mainly because of its focus on learning rather than grades or rankings.

Wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Prof. Emeritus
Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University, Faridabad


About Faculty of Law

Manav Rachna University is focused on producing litigation specialists, corporate lawyers and professionals. The Faculty of Law is committed to provide high quality education by integrating the legal concepts of students with an incisive and practical understanding of law. The program (approved by the Bar Council of India)focuses on a holistic approach to the study of law, taught in the context of the socio-economic-cultural developments in India.

At MRU students are given exposure to cutting edge issues of law and policy ranging from women’s rights to international trade. Emphasizing innovative teaching in an encouraging and open academic environment, students are groomed for bright professional careers under the aegis of expert faculty, by providing wide range of exposure on theoretical as well as practical aspects of law. With a high quality education bolstered by unique work experiences, our graduating students will be armed with the skills they need to succeed in a diverse set of fields, both in India and abroad.


Graduates of the Faculty of Law shall be able to address the challenges posed by increasing use of technology for conducting businesses, development in product innovations and diminishing global boundaries.

Law courses in India are increasingly gaining popularity among students both at the undergraduate and at the postgraduate level. Law programs are now among the top ten programs in India. You can enroll for a five-year LLB (Hons.) straight after your 10+2.

Law Courses Offered

Course Specialization

  • B.A. LLB. – Constitutional Law and Crime and Criminology
  • B.B.A LLB. – Business Law and Intellectual Property Rights
  • B.Com LLB. – Law Relating to Finance and International Trade

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Career opportunities

Few of the placement possibilities after pursuing law program at MRU:

  • Litigation/ Court Room Practice before District Courts, High Courts or Supreme Court
  • Law Firm Practice
  • Solicitors Practice
  • Eligible to practice before various Commissions, Boards, tribunals and other quasi-judicial authorities such as CCI or CIC or Consumer Forums or SEBI or Company Law Boards/ Company Law Tribunals etc.
  • Judicial Services/ Civil Services
  • Judicial Clerkships
  • Corporate and Commercial Lawyering
  • Arbitrators/ Mediators and Conciliators
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG) in Defense Services
  • Legal Officers in Companies
  • Standing Counsel/ Public Prosecutors
  • International Law and Diplomacy
  • Patent Attorneys/ IPR Lawyering
  • Academics and Research
  • Legal editors and Correspondents
  • LPOs
  • Pro-Bono Practitioners/ Human Rights Activists
  • Other endless career opportunities

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Board of Advisors

The Advisory Council is primarily constituted of former Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Court Judges, Senior Advocates, legal luminaries and renowned personalities in field of Legal Education.


A library is a rich source of information. Law Library of the Manav Rachna University is well-staked and well equipped with online and offline resources. It is packed with huge collection of reference and text books. Law Library also has Kindle e-readers for the students to read books online. Apart from that library is equipped with 30 computers loaded with online legal data base to be accessed from within the library.

Language Lab

Law is all about Language. Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University, has a dedicated Language lab for the students of law, wherein students take practical lessons on communication/ spoken language not only in English but also foreign languages, which are essential part of the course curriculum of the Law Programs.

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Faculty of Law is honored to be associated with the e-Courts project under the aegis of the Computer Committee of the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh. Our endeavor is to create easy access to  Information and Justice for everyone from the comfort of your home, office or smartphone! All the information and orders you need is just a click away! Watch out this space for more updates on e-Courts project.
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