The Faculty of Engineering at the Manav Rachna University, the continuance of the legacy of Manav Rachna College of Engineering, has earned its name and set itself apart as a Centre of Excellence in Technical Education in the country. Winning various awards and accreditations is the Hall Mark of quality technical education.

Our course structures stand completely transformed and the action on delivery has already begun. In the design of course structures, our approach has been Object Oriented and Student Centric which has been made possible by Choice Based Credit System. A student in his/her stream of engineering will complete the base courses in early semesters which will sufficiently equip him/her to appear in all competitive exams in his stream. Then in higher semesters, through a basket of electives, he/she will have the choice of studying the subjects related to the stream leading to the final goal of his choice in the profession. All stakeholders- the industry, academia, and alumni have contributed to the whole process. We believe their contribution and support throughout the duration of completion of the degree courses are going to be of immense value in shaping our students to become excellent engineers and fine human beings.

The academic performance and the placement records of our students have been excellent. However, we continuously discuss and deliberate for finding new ideas on teaching methodologies, areas of research, course content and future directions suited to the needs of the industry and business. We are two years into the delivery of the curriculum of Manav Rachna University and we have the satisfaction of having an overwhelming response from all the stakeholders to the changes we have brought in the Faculty of Engineering. We remain committed to the excellence in technical education and facilitating the path of our students from the corridors and classrooms of Manav Rachna University to the top offices in industry and business.

We welcome the future students to the Faculty of Engineering at the Manav Rachna University to cherish their dreams of becoming engineers, technocrats, and business leaders.


The Faculty of Engineering constitutes of three departments of Engineering, the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The faculty has a pool of well-qualified faculty members with rich experience in teaching, research and industry, thus making an excellent mix for imparting high-quality technical education. All the departments of the faculty are well equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, i.e. classrooms as well as specialized laboratories equipped with sophisticated and latest software technology. Simulated Teaching Enabled Programme (STEP) adds dynamism to the teaching methodology implicating the tools that further provide the hands-on practice for progressive, consolidated learning and implementation, with excellent pedagogic techniques like teaching through demonstration, analogies, case-based learning scenario, playing, depicting the concepts through flash movies and the like.

Teaching pedagogy which focuses on “learning-by-doing” approach aims to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Moreover, it inculcates in student’s abilities like Self learning, Independent thinking, and Problem-solving.

Incorporation of new technology in the curriculum aims at fulfilling the requirements of skilled manpower requirements. Focused industry ready syllabi with each vertical defined in the curriculum aim to create a platform for specified field (Cloud Computing, Big Data, Neural Networks, Business Analytics, Apps Development).

The faculty has an inclination towards interdisciplinary research as well and takes pride in its publication in various journals of repute with high impact factor. Regular participation of faculty members and students in conferences and workshops of ASME, SAE, IEEE, Springer, ACM etc. has been a contributory factor in enhancing the quality of research work being carried out with diligent vigor and enthusiasm.

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