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dr-megha-mittalDr. Megha Mittal
Qualifications: M.Sc. Ph.D. (DRDE Gwalior)
Experience: 13 years
Areas of Interest: Green Chemistry, Water Detoxification by Nano- Green and Biochemical Approach

The Chemistry department at MRU is committed to excellence in education and research. The department has strong core curriculum complemented by a basket of electives. Our mission is to create and sustain an environment for learning, enquiry and generation of new ideas to aid the education of future engineers and Science graduates.

The pedagogical philosophy of the department can be summarized in the belief that the best way to learn Chemistry is to do Chemistry. The preparation of future professionals requires learning and application of knowledge gained through laboratory work. The curriculum emphasizes the scientific method, chemical inquiry, critical thinking, data acquisition and evaluation and effective communication.

The department has established a Chapter of Green Chemistry Network Centre (GCNC) RSC Northern India section in association with Delhi University. It has academic collaboration with various R&D Centres and reputed universities such as University of York, U.K. Delhi University, IIT Delhi, Indian Oil R&D and Shiv Nadar University.

All the faculty members are Ph.D. from IITs or Central Universities with varied experience in academics and industry. They are engaged in various research activities on Basic, Applied and Green Chemistry such as:

  • Green Synthesis of Heterocyclic compounds for different applications such as potential anti-cancer agents.

  • Removal of Heavy metals from Effluents using Nano-structures and biomass such as Tea Waste / Fruit Peel etc.

  • Synthesis of Biodegradable & Biocompatible Polymers

  • Development of highly efficient Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors for different environment.

  • Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry work in the field of drug designing.

  • Material Science and technology.

A well-equipped Research and Instrumentation Lab is available in the department, where faculty members and students carry out their research activities and project work. The department is actively engaged in organizing International Conferences, Workshops and Seminars on contemporary subjects. Faculty and students are encouraged to participate in International and National Conferences/ Workshops and present their research findings and exchange & update their knowledge.

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Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Analysis and Synthesis, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Patent or Environmental Law, Forensic Science, Technical Writing, Environmental conservation, Sustainability.

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