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(Odd Semester)
Commencement of Session:  B.Tech. 1st Year 10th July, 2017 Monday
1st Year of all UG Programmes other than B.Tech 1st Year 11th July, 2017 Tuesday
1st Year of all PG Programmes 17th July, 2017 Monday
B.Tech. Lateral Entry and all UG & PG Programmes 2nd Year & above 1st August, 2017 Tuesday
Formative Feedback 21st-25th August, 2017 Monday-Friday
1st Attendance Review 25th August 2017 Friday
Test T1 for MRU 28th August-1st September, 2017 Monday-Friday
Parent Teacher Interaction Day 16th September, 2017 Saturday
2nd Attendance Review 22nd September, 2017 Friday
Test T2 for MRU and 1st Sessional MRCE 29th September-5th October, 2017 Friday-Thursday
Summative Feedback 13th-17th November, 2017 Monday-Friday
Pre Registration for next semester 20th-24th November, 2017 Monday-Friday
3rd Attendance Review &
Last Day of Classes for MRU Students
20th-24th November, 2017 Monday-Friday
Preparatory Leave for MRU Students & 2nd Sessional MRCE 25th November-1st December, 2017 Saturday-Friday
Announcement of Detention &
Issue of Admit Card for MRU Students
29th November, 2017 Wednesday
Test T3 + PT3 for MRU 2nd-16th December, 2017 Saturday-Saturday
Last day of Classes & Start of Exams for MRCE Students: As per MDU Notification
Result Declaration for MRU 22nd December, 2017 Friday
Even Semester Commences for MRU 2nd January, 2018 Tuesday
Teaching Days:86 Days; Prepatory Leaves:  =  07 Days; Examination: 19 Days
1 Idu’l Fitr* 26th June, 2017 Monday
2 Rakshabandhan 7th August, 2017 Monday
3 Janmashtami 15th August, 2017 Tuesday
4 Independence Day 15th August, 2017 Tuesday
5 Idu’l Zuha (Bakraid)* 2nd September, 2017 Saturday
6 Dussehra 30th September, 2017 Saturday
7 Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 2nd October, 2017 Monday
8 Karwachauth 8th October, 2017 Sunday
9 Diwali 19th October, 2017 Thursday
10 Vishwakarma Day 20th October, 2017 Friday
11 Bhaiyadooj 21st October, 2017 Saturday
12 Guru Nanak’s Birthday 4th November, 2017 Saturday
13 Christmas 25th December, 2017 Monday
* Idu’l Fitr – Date Subject to change due to Planetary Positions

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