Manav Rachna Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Manav Rachna Initiatives Towards Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Manav Rachna Group of Institutions is in the forefront not only in imparting comprehensive and rigorous academic education but also ensures that budding talent is recognized and contributes towards nation building by bridging  the gap between theory and practice and to enable the students to set up their own start-up enterprises. In this context two seminal initiatives envisaged by Late Dr O.P. Bhalla, Founder Chancellor, were Manav Rachna Entrepreneurship Development Cell (MREDC) and Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre (MRIIC). Specifically, the Manav Rachna Entrepreneurship Development Cell (MREDC) is engaged in motivating and educating students in the field of entrepreneurship through awareness programmes, academic courses and training programmes and Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre (MRIIC) encourages innovation and developing technology for new start-up enterprises, providing direct mentoring and incubation support to them.

Manav Rachna Entrepreneurship Development Cell (MREDC)

The Cell is a Group-level institution and engages itself in the entrepreneurship education, training and development programmes. The basic objective of the Cell is to take care of the entrepreneurial education in Manav Rachna Group of Institutions (Higher Education). It seeks to undertake motivational and awareness programmes to spread a culture of entrepreneurship among students so that they become ready to apply their knowledge and training to set up their own ventures.

The Cell Performs The Following Functions:
  1. Planning and coordinating entrepreneurship education activities across various departments of the Manav Rachna Group of Institutions
  2. Developing courses and training programmes in entrepreneurship for students to be conducted through the various departments
  3. Organising motivational & awareness programmes for students
  4. Arranging and coordinating common inter-departmental classes on Entrepreneurship Development on a regular basis
  5. Conducting faculty development programmes in entrepreneurship
  6. Liaising and networking with outside professional agencies in the area of entrepreneurship development
  7. Organising expert lectures from academia, industry and successful entrepreneurs in the areas of entrepreneurship.

The Cell regularly interacts and engages with the various departments of Manav Rachna Higher Education Institutions for conducting the above functions.
Under this initiative, each department offers a basic course on Entrepreneurship Development as developed by the Cell in consultation with various departments in the category of open electives (or as an add-on course for affiliated institutions in case it is not a part of the curriculum) in the July-Dec semester of the pre-final year of each programme of study.
The students who pass the Entrepreneurship Development course are encouraged to register with MRIIC as they are expected to have the relevant background for becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Manav Rachna-ite among winners of start-up competition at ‘Happening Haryana’

Investors have shown interest in funding the projects presented by the young entrepreneurs (including young entrepreneurs from Manav Rachna). Team ‘Tag On’ comprising Prateek and Shweta from Manav Rachna Educational Institutions stood first in the competition. ‘Tag on’ is a means to locate anything, lost baggage, person or even pets, and this has wide application at a low cost.

Roopam Sharma, Student of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions has been awarded the prestigious MIT Tech Review’s ‘Innovators Under 35′ Award

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions take immense pride in the stupendous achievement of one of its most promising students Roopam Sharma, who has been selected for ‘India’s top innovators under 35′ India Edition. The prestigious ‘Innovators under 35′ Award has honored some of the world’s most brilliant tech minds like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google. Twenty year old Roopam is the youngest person ever to win the award and is also the only student to be ever listed on this prestigious list. Eight winners made it to the India edition of the ‘Innovators Under 35′ list this year and will automatically become finalists for the global ‘Innovators Under 35′ list.