Health Science & Nutrition Research – RIC

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    Name: Dr. Sridhar Kannan
    Designation: Professor and Head
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    Name: Dr. Pratibha Singh
    Designation: Associate Professor and Head
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    Name: Gurjeet Kaur Chawla
    Designation: Associate Professor
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    Name: Dr. Shivani Aggarwal
    Designation: Professor and Head
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    Name: Mrs. Lakhvinder Kaur
    Designation: Assistant Professor
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    Name: Ms Shakila Mahesh
    Designation: Reader
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    Name: Dr. Sumit Bhateja
    Designation: Associate Professor
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  • Vision

    • To be recognized nationally and internationally for quality research in the field of Health Sciences.


    • To adopt a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach towards Nutrition, Health Promotion, Disease prevention, Therapeutic intervention and Rehabilitation.
    • To innovate and develop technologies and techniques for efficient and optimal delivery of Health care based on community needs.
  • Research Areas

    • Advanced Diagnostic Techniques
    • Histopathology and Microbiology
    • Health promotion
    • Food product development and processing
    • Diagnostic methods for periodontal diseases
    • Biomechanics
    • Exercise physiology
    • Implantology
    • Ergonomics
    • Nutregenomics
    • Fitness and wellness
    • Rehabilitation
  • MoU Signed

    To be in progress

  • Projects & Competitions


    Conference/scientific contribution


    Effect of Mobile phone radiation on patients wearing braces

    INNOSKILL 2018

    2nd Prize Dr. Sridhar Kannan & Team

    Antimicrobial Resistance

    CME, SGT Medical College on 14th April 2018

    Mrs. Shakila Mahesh

    Comparison of digital and conventional cheiloscopy – an aid in biometric identification(Forensic odontology)

    Paper presented  at IAMLE 2017  at Agra on 29 Sept to 1 Oct. 2017-

    Dr. Shivani Aggarwal & Dr. Harris Bhandari

    Student Coordinator at Physiology quiz

    University of Malaya, Malaysia- Aug. 2017

    Mrs. Lakhvinder Kaur

    Evaluation of quinolones for use in detection of acquired quinolone resistance salmonella typhi and paratyphi A

    Microcon, IAMM  at Ranchi, 2017

    Mrs. Shakila Mahesh,

    Dr. Rajni Gaind,

    Dr. Ruchi,

    Dr. Priti Agarwal,

    Dr. Shobha Broor

    To evaluate the cellular  alterations in the buccal mucosa  adjacent to self ligating brackets- a cytomorphometric study

    52nd  Indian Orthodontic Society Conference, at Jaipur

    Dr. Sridhar Kannan

    Holographic Tooth movement Detection

    Environment and Healthcare category-INNOSKILL 2017, Manav Rachna International University

    First Prize

    Dr. Sridhar Kannan & team

    Synbiotic functional beverages with health promoting benefits

    Innovative approaches in applied sciences and technologies (July 2017)

    Women scientist award at Nanyang Technological University Singapore

    Mrs. Lakhvinder Kaur

    Biopolymer edible packaging film: development of edible packaging film using gluten and green tea & its evaluation

    Innovative approaches in applied sciences and technologies (July 2017)

    Ms. Geetali Bajaj,

    Mrs. Lakhvinder Kaur

    Co inventor Award at

    Nanyang Technological University Singapore

    Nutritional and sensory evaluation of jellies developed from giloy

    Indo Japanese Conclave III, Feb. 2017 at MRIIRS, Faridabad.

    Poster presentation

    Ms. Bharti Gandhi,

    Mrs. Lakhvinder Kaur

    Intelligent Packaging

    International conference on Agriculture,Allied and Applied Sciences,JNU,28-29 April 2018.

    Invited Speaker

    Mrs. Lakhvinder Kaur


    International conference on Agriculture,Allied and Applied Sciences,JNU,28-29 April 2018.

    Best paper award

    Mr.Mandeep Gulati