Computing Research – RIC


To usher and nurture dedicated student and faculty teams into research and innovation for fundamental problems in computing science and inter-disciplinary areas with projects and publications that have quality, impact and value to the growth of technology and human society.


  • To develop faculty-student teams and problem areas based on applications built in fundamental theory and methods in computing science to generate R&I (Research and Innovation) culture.
  • To develop scientific curiosity, engineering advances by way of learning to innovate in teams with ethical progress on fundamental problems having impact to nation and the world.
  • To integrate R&I for value adding to teaching-learning thus developing quality academic practices at par with reputed International Institutions.
  • To create an effective work-space for students by supplementing the curriculum by various components and problem based learning with dedicated faculty offering diverse areas and inter-disciplinary expertise in conjunction with reputed industry and academia.

Research Areas

  • Medical Decision Support System of Common Diseases in remote areas using Fuzzy methods and Data Mining Approaches
  • Development of a Neuro-Fuzzy Semantic Net for Situation Representation and Learning

Faculty Profile

jayDr. Jay R. Bhatnagar
Professor of Computer Science
Qualification : University of Southern California Los Angeles
PhD (Indian Institute Technology Delhi).
U.C Regents Fellow ( University of California Riverside)
Publications: 16
Experience: 18 years
Areas of Interest: Machine Learning, Applied Math, Statistics, Information Theory, Pattern Classification, Theory of Computing, Communication Networks, Statistical Information Processing.


sachinMr. Sachin Lakra
Associate Professor
Qualifications: Ph.D (p), M.Tech
Publications: 25
Exp: 11 years
Areas of Interest: Soft Computing , Speech Processing


sharmaMr. Sachin Sharma
Assistant Professor
Qualifications: M.Tech, M.Phil, MCA, M.Sc (Operational Research)
Publications: 14
Exp: 16 years
Areas of Interest: Data Structure, Data Mining, Software Engineering


sanjayMr. Sanjay Blaggan
Assistant Professor
Qualifications: Ph.D (p), M.Tech, B.Tech (CSE)
Exp: 28 years
Areas of Interest: Network Unix System Administration


sugandhiMs. Sugandhi Midha
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Tech
Publication: 13
Exp: 6
Area of Interest: Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Databases, and pattern recognition


gagan Ms. Gaganjot Kaur
Assistant Professor
Qualifications: M.Tech, B.Tech
Exp: 09 years
Areas of Interest: Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Algo, Theory of Computing, Comm. Network, Testing


bharti Ms. Bharti Jha
Assistant Professor
Qualifications: M.Tech
Exp: 10 years


rupesh Mr.Rupesh Kr Mishra
Assistant Professor
Qualifications: Ph.D (p), M.Tech, B.E
Publications: 08
Exp: 09 yrs
Areas of Interest: Text Mining, Data analytics, Opinion Mining


sid Mr.Siddharth Verma
Assistant Professor
Qualifications: MCA, UGC-NET
Exp: 08
Areas of Interest: Data Structure, DBMS, .Net


gunjan Ms. Gunjan
Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD (pursuing), M.Tech
Publication: 7
Exp: 4.5
Area of Interest: Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Databases


mamta Ms. Mamta Arora
Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD (pursuing), M.Tech
Publication: 6
Exp: 5.3
Area of Interest: Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Databases


Upcoming Events

MATLab-an applied perspective mainly for Computer Science
Big Data and Cloud Computing
R Programming
Network Simulator 2

Student competitions:

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup – February 2017
    IIIT Hyderabad
    IIT Bhu Technex
  • IIT Roorkee cognizance – March 2017
    E-Fest Asia Pacific
  • IIIT Allahabad Aparoksha – April 2017
    MNIT Allahabad
  • Motorola Scholarship Program – May 2017
  • BRICS Youth Summit – June 2017