Research and Innovation Clusters

Research plays a significant role in the process of conceptual thinking, learning and innovation. Since its inception, the Institutions have been striving to achieve excellence in education and research in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of India through meaningful education, original research and leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the Country. With the path-breaking innovations in both its curriculum and research, the Institution is rapidly gaining a legendary reputation globally.

Since inception, MREI have been striving to develop themselves into institutions of excellence in education and research in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of India through meaningful education, quality research and technological innovations for the industrial growth of the Country. In addition to offering formal Undergraduate and Post-graduate Programs, the MREI actively encourage its faculty and students to undertake in-house and sponsored research and consultancy projects in order to strengthen the research profile of the Institutions. Presently institutions are actively engaged in research in several areas of Engineering, basic and Applied Sciences, Management, Literature, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Dietetics, Health, Energy and Environment, Manufacturing, Sports Rehabilitation etc.

The Institutions have to their credit, over 3300 research publications in International Journals, National Journals, International Conferences and National Conferences. This includes many papers listed in the Scopus database, Web of Science and Science citation index.  367 Patents have been filed /granted to faculty and students. More than 60 books have been authored by faculty and grants worth over Rs. 86 lacs have been received by sponsoring bodies including government bodies like Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, All India Council for Technical Education, Govt. of India and Indian Council of Social Science Research, Ministry of HRD.

The Institutions have organized various International and National Conferences / Seminar / Workshops in collaboration and support of Govt. funded organizations and foreign Universities. Some of the most noteworthy International Conferences were National Media Conclave on the overarching subject of Media and Society: Challenges and Prospects,International Seminar on “Contemporary Prospective on Health”7th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science 2015 (APCESS 2015) in association with Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS), GNOME Asia Summit 2016, Workshop on Mobile App Testing, Soft computing and implementations, Reliability, Optimization and Information Technology (ICROIT) technically supported by IEEE, DRDO, DST, Green Chemistry and Chromatographic Sciences, Nanotechnology & Solar Photovoltaic, Stem Cell Technology, Soft Computing, Technique and Implementation and National conferences / workshops were on Geo-Cloud Computing and Cryptology, Geo-spatial Technologies and its Applications, Science Conclave & Exhibition, Advances in Solar energy and Material Research, Contemporary Social Realities in Indian English Fiction of Post 1980s and Ethics Values & Morality: Concept, Theory & Practice, Sustainable Eco-Friendly Architecture, Employees’ Performance Appraisals Systems and Practices, Instrumentation using Lab view, Future mobile systems, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)-Opportunities and Strategies and Future Trends in Automobile Sector and International Workshop on Bio-fuels. IPR Awareness and Government Initiatives, Embedded System Design using AVR & ARM based MCUs, NASA Spaceward Bound India Project, Application of Mechatronics & Automation, Analog Systems Design, Role of Skill Development in Construction Industry, Advances in Power Control, Water Conservation and Pollution.

MREI have been liberally encouraging and supporting its faculty to undertake research by providing financial assistance, laboratories and guidance. Faculty members attend Faculty Development Programmes both within and outside the Institution. The requisite computational assets including high-end software are made available to students and faculty to carry out research analysis at an advanced stage.

Presently, 08 Research and Innovation clusters namely Mechanical, Automobile & Aerospace, Electronics & Electrical, Computing, Molecular Biosciences, Health Sciences & Nutrition, Civil & Architecture Design, Material Science and Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences are involved in different area of research and also takes care of activities like Competitions & Projects, Publishing, Sponsored R&D projects, Training in Advanced Areas and Industry Linkages & Collaboration.