Manav Rachna Educational Institutions have always been Research oriented and Innovation driven institutions. This stems from MREI’s firm belief in creative thinking and creating better human beings. As a practice, Research & Innovation Clusters (RICs), Business Incubator and Centres of Excellence (CEs) are also made a part of institutions of Manav Rachna to bridge the gap between theory and practice so as to enable the students to improve their skills and set up their own horizon to do quality research even at undergraduate level in collaboration with academic partners and industries for the benefit of society. A lot of students projects are also undertaken.

All these correlated activities are undertaken at MREI under the aegis of Manav Rachna Research, Innovation & Incubation Centre comprising of:

International Collaborations:

Manav Rachna has associated various Universities and Institutes internationally for Research and Academic exchange programs, there are more than 30 such collaborations.
Abdullah Gul University (Turkey), AIS St. Helens (New Zealand), Algonquin College (Canada), Antioquia School of Engineering (Columbia,USA), Association of International Accountants (UK), Autonomous University of Sinaloa (Mexico), Bangladesh Institute of Sports & Sciences (Bangladesh), Binawan Institute of Health Sciences(Indonesia), Curtin University(Australia), Edinburg Napier university(UK), Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy (Denmark), University Sains (Malaysia), Hasan Kalyoncu University (Turkey), Hiram College (USA), Instanbul Commerce University (Istanbul), Istanbul Kultur University (Istanbul), Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), Missouri State University (USA), Our Lady of the Lake University (USA), Purdue University North West(USA), Royal Agriculture University (UK), TSUKBA University (Japan), University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (Malysia), University of Pitesti (Romania), Kaohsiung University of Applied Science (Taiwan), College Sevigne (Paris, France), University College of Northern (Denmark), University of North America (North America), Istanbul Aydin University (Turkey), President University (Indonesia).

National Collaborations:

1.Indian Oil Corporation( IOCL) R&D Centre, Faridabad
Manav Rachna has entered into a MOU for research with Indian Oil R&D Centre (IOCL), Faridabad.  IOCL Faridabad is actively involved in cutting edge research in the areas of bioremediation of hydrocarbon waste, refinery ETP efficiency improvement through biotechnological interventions, monitoring and mitigation of microbiologically influenced corrosion in oil industry, degradation studies on waste plastics, studies on enzyme mediated carbon dioxide capture, electro biocatalytic conversion of CO2 in to fuels, microalgae assisted CO2 capture and lipid production, and many more.

The objective of  MOU between IOCL and Manav Rachna is to collaborate for promotion of education, research and innovation and directing research and development projects which are relevant to the IOCL and have high prospects of commercialization in the area of Chemistry, chemical/mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, petroleum refining, nano-technology/material science, biotechnology, fundamental and applied studies related to fuels, lubricants, bio-fuels, renewable energy, alternative energy, petrochemicals, etc. It further aims to provide opportunity for students to register for Ph.D at Manav Rachna for undertaking research work primarily at IOCL under an indentified project of mutual interest and to provide opportunity to B.Tech, M.Tech&M.Scstudents enrolled at Manav Rachna to carry out their final year dissertations, primarily at IOCL.

2.Translational Health Science and Technology Institute(THSTI),Faridabad
Manav Rachna has entered into a MOU with Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), Faridabad.   The MoU between THSTI and Manav Rachna aims at synergistic partnership to implement theScience SetuProgramme approved by the Governing Body of the THSTI, to   contribute to the national goal of encouraging bright young minds to take up the pursuit of science and technology as a career option. The objectives of the MoU are to address the changing needs of teaching, learning and research in biological sciences, to link THSTI in the spirit of “success through access” to undergraduate, post graduates & research scholars for teaching and research in biological sciences, to engage a talent pool of potential biology students in the delivery of innovation, research and continuous development, to actas a catalyst of change. The MoU encompasses mutual consultation and engagement through lectures/discussion, laboratory exercises, mentorship to student science projects, mentorship   to teacher science projects and research, Faculty Teacher Forums, summer student/ teacher internships, organizing conferences and workshops jointly on latest/current areas of mutual interest, faculty training as summer school (15 days) in areas of research to upgrade their knowledge and laboratory skills and certificate trainings

3.Council of Scientific &Industrial Research (CSIR)– Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP),Dehradun
A MoU has been entered into between CSIR-IIP and Manav Rachna encourage interaction between the Scientists, Research fellows, faculty members and students of both the organizations through exchange of personnel through deputation for limited periods, organization of joint conferences and seminars, practical training of Manav Rachna students at CSIR-IIP, sharing of respective R&D facilities. CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP) is one of the leading constituent laboratories of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). Established in 1960, the Institute is devoted to multidisciplinary areas of research and development in the downstream sector of hydrocarbon and related industry.

It also encourages joint guidance of student projects/thesis in Engineering and Basic Sciences, wherein CSIR-IIP personnel, as well as research scholars, may also be allowed to enroll for their Ph.D / M.Tech at Manav Rachna.

4.National Institute of Immunology(NII), New Delhi
The MoU between National Institute of Immunology (NII) and Manav Rachna aims at promoting research in science and technology under the Science SetuProgramme. The NII is committed to advanced research addressing the basic mechanisms involved in body’s defence to identify modalities for manipulation of the immune system to provide protection against diseases and understand mechanisms that can be used to target disease processes for intervention.

The engagement would include lectures and discussion on some topics within the curriculum, laboratory exercises and experiments, quality enhancement, mentorship to student science projects, faculty mentorship to discuss broad issues on latest developments in science, career opportunities, innovative methodologies in teaching/research, science & technology policy issues, summer internships of students, organizing conferences and workshops jointly on latest/current areas of mutual interest, certificate trainings and joint supervisorship of experts from NII  to research scholars enrolled at Manav Rachna.

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