Material Science Research – RIC


The Vision of Material Science Cluster involves the synthesis, processing, structure, properties and performance of materials that enable an engineering function. The properties of interest can be mechanical, electrical, ionic, magnetic, optical or biosensing properties; the engineering function can impact industries involved in electronics, communications, medicine, transportation, manufacturing, recreation, energy, and the environment.


1. To Synthesize , process and Characterize the different materials like Polymers, Magnetic materials, Electrolytes, semiconductors, solar cells, Nano materials, metals, ceramic and energy deriving materials etc. Based on the results publish quality research papers/Patents in High Indexed Journals.

2. To Submit various projects for the funding in the above said areas.


  • Electrochemical Batteries
  • Organic Solar Cells
  • Multiferroic Materials
  • New and innovative materials

Faculty Profile

1-3Dr. Pradeep K. Varshney
Director, MRIIC
Professor, Department of Chemistry, FET, MRIIRS
Qualification: Ph.D. (Applied Chemistry), M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Experience: 25 Years of Teaching, Administration and research
Fellowship Received: JRF (M-HRD), RA(CSIR)
Area of Interest: Composite Polymer Electrolytes, Solar Energy, Purification of Biodiesel
No. of Research Publications: 65, 02 Patent Granted from UK  and India and 01 Patent Filed

2Dr. Sarvesh Kumar
Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph. D. (Physics), Dr. B.R.A. University & IUAC, New Delhi
M. Sc. (Physics), Dr. B.R.A. University, NET (CSIR)
Experience: 14.5 years
Area of Interest: Material Science, Nanotechnology
No. of Research Publication: 41

3Dr. Sangeeta Banga
Associate Professor and Director Students & Welfare
Qualification: Ph.D (Applied Chemistry), M. Tech (Polymer Technology), M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
Experience: 17 years of Teaching
Area of Interest: Polymers, New Materials and Purification of Biodiesel
No of Research Publications: 11

7Dr. Kalpna Varshney
Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D (Applied Chemistry), M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry)
Experience: 6.2 years of teaching, 5.0 years industrial experience
Area of Interest: Analytical & Pesticide residue Chemistry and Pheromone Chemistry
No of Research Publications: 23

5Dr. Jai Prakash
Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D (Physics), NET, M.Sc. (Physics)
Experience: 14 years
Area of Interest: Material Science, Multiferroic Materials
No of Research Publications: 4

sdfDr. Shiv Kumar
Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D (Applied Chemistry), M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry)
Experience: 6 years
Area of Interest: Organic Solar Cells, Organic light Emitting Diode (OLED)
No of Research Publications: 9