Manav Rachna Life Skills Programme (MRLSP)

In tandem with the ethos of Manav Rachna, we work on multiple strategic initiatives to create a holistic development of all the stakeholders, maintaining the high standard of quality and skill sets; The time is ripe for us to introduce one of the most important ones – MANAV RACHNA LIFE SKILLS PROGRAMME (MRLSP). To initiate and propagate the spirit of camaraderie and to provide a rich nurturing ground for honing the life skills of our students, Manav Rachna has introduced the concept of a close knitted family, that of a CLAN , striving for common goal.

We are consistently striving to create an engaging environment and co-curricular success path for our students, who undoubtedly are the most important part of our University’s culture and stature. The last year has been eventful, for our students and educators alike. This year we would continue to focus on improving academic success and committing ourselves to create a more vibrant & engaging environment within MREI.

What are Clans?

A Clan by definition is a close knit extended family / community with a common interest. At MREI, students shall be assigned to each Clan, irrespective of their belonging to MRU, MRDC, MRIU OR their department or their infrastructural habitation in the university.

There shall be 4 Clans, each represented by an environmental element and a mascot – The Air Falcons, The Water Sharks, The Forest Rhinos and The Wild Cats. The clans shall be dedicated to their environmental element and shall hold up their clan and the brotherhood at all times.

The Clans, their colour & their Logos


Why the Clans?

The endeavor of our university is to provide students with opportunities to engage with teachers and the management; to develop a structured partnership, thereby endowing them with practical skills in communication, planning and project and organizational management. This enables them to take responsibility of projects, demonstrate their capabilities of managing and bringing big projects to successful completion. Healthy rivalry is also important to enhance and set benchmark for performance levels.

Research shows that enablement and healthy rivalries prepare students for life, healthy competition and a futuristic society. It simulates the professional scenario of today’s world which will build the psyche of the youth to carry it forward through his/her lifetime.

With the Clans, we intend to implement all of this efficiently whilst involving a larger number of students.

The Role of the Clans

At the core, the Clan’s role is to create more fervent connections at MREI. The other roles the Clan structure will play are:
1. Facilitate an environment for students to engage across physical infrastructures. An environment which not just
promotes academic excellence but also caters for personal development keeping the fun factor alive,
2. To promote friendship and respect amongest pupils,
3. To empower students & educator groups wherein they can collaborate in aiding the development OF real life skills,
4. To create a sense of responsibility, loyalty and tolerance towards seniors, peers and the parent institution,
5. To be able to harness the talent; the ability to arrive at consensus of views and the ideas coming from a larger number of students,
6. And finally, to create healthy competition.

MRLSP ‘CLAN’ Structure

We’ve created a strong organizational structure for implementation of MRLSP to ensure that this initiative is seriously conceptualized, driven AND effectively executed across the university.

There are 5 categories of activities to be looked after under every clan, and every category has been assigned one expert to advise/guide the activities in that particular area across all the clans.