Summer Training by Centre Of Smart Solar Energy

The Centre Of Smart Solar Energy offered summer training to 6th semester (ECE,ME,CSE) students on “Solar Power and Its Application in various fields” for 60 hours. The objective of this training was to bring about the interest among students in field of Solar Energy; students were given hands-on experience on various solar equipment’s. They were introduced to DC technology and how it can be extracted from the available source of energy so that they can use for various applications in their daily life .Students were taught to check the solar PV panel parameters like open circuit voltage, short circuit current. Hands on session were provided to students to know about the impact of shading, temperature, load and irradiation on solar panels. A complete knowledge on how to select the solar panel, how to fix the panel, angle of the panel, wire sizing , use of invertors, charge controllers were imparted to students. A Live demonstration of the existing technologies in the lab was given to students. They worked on different solar related projects. One of the project was Solar energized GO-Kart.

A team of sixth semester students Abhishek Arora, Prashant Sharma, Shubham Bareja, Ankur Vashith from Mechanical Engineering Ajay Yadav and Alok Sharma from ECE department-MRU installed solar panel for energizing the battery of the GO-Kart as a part of their summer training 2016 under the guidance of Ms.P.M.Arivananthi, Ms.K.Deepa, Ms.Sukhmeet Kaur,Mr.Hemant Sapra, along with the supervision of Mr.P.K.Jain, Associate Vice President, Sukam PvtLtd.

The students did a complete case study about the working of GO-Kart. Mounting structures were made with help of PVC pipes and 4 PV panels of 40 Watt each was mounted considering parameters like weight of the panel, thickness of the roof, weather conditions etc. A charge controller of 48 V 10A is connected to regulate the charging of battery. Students designed the mounting structure with respect to the available roof top of the Go-Kart . They also made the changes in the battery charging system so that batteries can be charged through solar energy as well as main supply.

During the process students faced lots of practical challenges and it was converted as learning experience along with the help of Mr.Balbir Singh, Mr.Jawhar, Mr.Sunil Solanki and Mr.Pratap from Mechanical workshop-MRU.