Proud Moment – Apex Award at Accenture

Sahil Verma

B.Tech. CSE 2011-15

Application Development Analyst


Recently, our project team (Dell Prodeploy) has been awarded with the Apex Award, 2016 at Accenture. Our’s was a small project team and the client wanted us to redesign the application by setting up separate Angular JS architecture for UI with Restful MVC design pattern. It was a tough challenge, both for DEV and QA Team, because we had to redesign the entire architecture and execute testing within short agile sprint development cycles and strict timelines. However it was a marathon journey and the team was able to gain the client’s confidence and help them to meet their business objectives.

The major credit for such an achievement goes to my project team, MRU and the Faculty members who laid such a strong foundation that it helped us to imbibe leadership and ownership qualities to conquer the top.  Then the question arises: How did we develop these qualities  during our collegedays?  A very good example that I can recall  is: Every year, during summer vacations Manav Rachna organizes Industrial training during which we have to follow standard timelines approved by IT-MNCs (during our time it used to be Infosys Campus Connect). We were segregated into small teams and assigned a mini project. There was proper monitoring about the progress of each team because for completing the training successfully with good grades each team had to submit the project within specified limit of days with good industrial code standards.

So, by the time we finished graduation we all knew how to divide work in team, coordinating with each other, managing timelines & hence had ample experience of facing the real IT world. If you are good & talented in your studies you will always end up in a good workplace, but after that for boosting up your career, these values are equally & sometimes even more important. Therefore special thanks to our college & faculty members for constantly working so hard and laying such strong foundations for all the MRCE’ians.