Planning & Monitoring Board

Vice Chancellor
Dr. N.C. Wadhwa Vice – Chancellor Chairperson

Seven Internal Members
Dr. M.K. Soni Pro Vice-Chancellor Chairperson
Dr. Naresh Grover Dean-FCA Chairperson
Dr. Chavi B. Sharma Dean-FMS Chairperson
Dr. Neemo Dhar Dean – FMeH Member
Dr. Sarita Sachdeva Dean – FAS Member
Dr. N.K.Chadha Dean – FBSS Member
Dr. Krishna Kant Dean-FET Member

Three outside eminent experts including one nominee of the UGC
Prof.Sandeep Grover Prof. Mechanical Deptt YMCA UST, Fbd Member
Prof. Naveen Kumar Prof. Mech Deptt, Delhi Technical University, Delhi Member
Prof. Yogesh Singh Vice Chancellor, Delhi Technology University, Delhi( UGC Nominee) Member

Sh. R.K.Arora Registrar Member

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