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prof-i-k-kilamMr. I.K. Kilam
M.A.- Economics, M.Sc.- Applied Physics,
Dean Students Welfare and
Director RMR 107.8

Manav Rachna International University is committed towards excellence in academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, career planning and personality development areas for all its students. We have always encouraged and supported students to participate in various extra-curricular events within and outside the campus with an aim to provide them suitable opportunities to identify and nurture their talent.
The extra-curricular events and activities like talent hunts, debates, drama activities, musical events, arts and crafts competitions, festivals, entrepreneurial activities, farewell and welcome events, etc. have enhanced students’ confidence levels to a great extent. Our students have also been participating regularly in the Fests and competitive events in other colleges / universities in Delhi- NCR and other places in India.

The team under Dean Students Welfare (DSW) is actively involved in activities like MRIU Youth Parliament, Students Talent Hunt, Festivals celebration, Treasure Hunt, Talent Competitions for Faculty and Staff, Film and Book reviews, Debates and Declamations, Folk Dance competitions, Social Responsibility drives, Anti ragging seminars, Street Plays, photography competitions and workshops etc. National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day are celebrated with patriotic fervor, year after year.

The department aims at promoting extra-curricular and developmental activities among students at Manav Rachna by identifying talented and interested students in the areas of Music, Dance, Literature, Fashion, Arts, Social Responsibility, Theatre, Photography, Health etc. and thereafter, nurturing their individual talent and giving them a supportive environment to plan and execute various activities in the said areas, thus making a major contribution towards their holistic development.

The team DSW keeps a continuous liaison with Director Sports, Head CDC, Radio Manav Rachna and the Public Relations department of Manav Rachna for promotion of student activities. Most of the events across different faculties and institutions develop a sense of overall belonging to MRIU and overall Manav Rachna parivar.

Students are connected to the DSW team through their website – and Facebook page-, which provides students with details of upcoming events in and out of the campus.


At Manav Rachna, students are spoilt for choice as there are as many as 9 Extra Curricular Groups that cater to varying interests. “Each of these groups provides students a platform to showcase their talents and channelize their energies. They also foster a sense of fellowship among students of different streams and give them a great sense of cohesiveness and belonging,” says Prof. I.K. Kilam, Dean Students Welfare, MRIU. Each of the groups provides students a conducive environment to plan and execute various activities, thus contributing to their holistic development and staying connected with members of similar interests. Here, we give you a look into their form and character:
Manav Rachna Music Group – This group covers activities like solo, duet and group singing, jugalbandi, battle of bands, folk music, sufi, classical, Western music, instrumentals, parody etc. Students can also look forward to jamming sessions and music festivals.

Manav Rachna Dance Troupe – This troupe has woven in solo and duet dance performances, group dance, Western dance (salsa, jazz, street etc.), traditional and folk dance competitions/festivals in its repertoire.

Manav Rachna Literary Forum – This forum involves activities like debate and declamation, MUN, youth parliament, quiz and GK, poetry, article writing, book reviews, film reviews, literary festivals, TV anchoring and news reporting, panel discussions, storytelling competitions. There is enough to keep members busy.

Manav Rachna Arts Team – This club brings out the artist in every student encouraging them to indulge in sketching, painting, clay modeling, pottery, cartoon and caricature making, tattooing, sculpture and rangoli. The Club plays an active role in the festival of arts, origami, etc.

Manav Rachna NSS Team – This team nurtures the activist in every student whereby they can take up causes like anti ragging awareness, environment, health and hygiene, sustainable development, education for all, computers for all, language enhancement for housewives etc.

Manav Rachna Theatrical Troupe- This troupe covers activities like nukkad nataks, drama, skits, standup comedy, mono acting, mimicry etc.

Manav Rachna Fashionistas – As the name signifies, this group is all about glamour and beauty, focusing its activities on hairstyling, beauty contests, ramp walks, best dress, crazy caps, fashion shows, display/ tableau competitions, fancy dress, character display (based on an era, writings), etc.
Manav Rachna Photography Club – This cluster pampers students’ passion for photography, film making, video-graphy and photo walks. Workshops by canon, theme based photography and exhibitions are also a regular feature.

Manav Rachna Health Club – Those who treat their body as a temple and are health conscious can join this Club and actively participate in health camps, yoga shivirs and meditation sessions. They can promote gym and healthy eating habits along with overall wellness and awareness on balanced nutrition.

MANAV RACHNA RESURRECTION FEST once every year which is the biggest cultural event of the campus.

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