Behavioral And Social Sciences

Vision: To generate an epitome of knowledge in the area of Behavioral and Social Sciences through high-quality academia and research in a supportive environment for global learners.

Mission: To build intellectual, collegial, and productive environment for our students, scholars, and faculty that enriches and benefits their personal, professional, and career goals through world-class innovative courses, publications, and research in the areas of Psychology, Economics, Social Work, and Life Long Learning.

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Economics: Graduates may be employed in the capacity of Banking Trading/Selling/Marketing, Government services, Actuarial Services, Consultant in all fields of Commerce, Service provider, Own business, Insurance, Trading, Export houses, Practice in accounts and taxation, Academic positions, e-Business, Stock market operations, Retail sector, Managerial positions in corporate world, CA firm etc.

Applied Psychology: The students have made a successful career in Hospitals, Clinical settings, working in School & Colleges as counselors and also in corporate sector in the HR Department as Trainers and specialists in Psychological assessments. Many of the students have moved on to further higher studies.

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