Freeship / Scholarship Policy

The university offers Scholarships to all students on the basis of marks/CGPA in the qualifying examination as per following scale: UG level Programmes (except for B.Tech Mech. Engg. – Industry Integrated)

90.00% & above

100% Tuition Fee Waiver.

85.00% & above but below 90.00%

50% Tuition Fee Waiver

80.00% & above but below 85.00%

25% Tuition Fee Waiver

In case of B.Tech Mech. Engg. – Industry Integrated

90.00% & above

50% Tuition Fee Waiver.

85.00% & above but below 90.00%

25% Tuition Fee Waiver

PG level Programmes

80.00% & above

100% Tuition Fee Waiver.

75.00% & above but below 80.00%

50% Tuition Fee Waiver

70.00% & above but below 75.00%

25% Tuition Fee Waiver


  • For Purpose of Scholarship/tuition fee waiver, the marks will not be rounded off to the next higher figure.
  • However, they are required to pay other fees as applicable to the programme concerned. Such students shall be required to maintain a minimum SGPA of 7.0 in the subsequent semesters without having any compartment in any subject and minimum 75% attendance in each semester, failing which the Scholarships awarded shall be withdrawn.
  • In addition, suitable free ship shall be available to high achievers in the field of sports, persons suffering with Thalassaemia Major, sons / daughters of Army Personnel who have been killed in war/ terrorist attack, physically handicapped students etc. on case to case basis.
  • Candidates passing out from any of the institutions of MREI and son/daughter of faculty / staff member of any of the institutions of MREI will get one time concession of Rs.5000/-at the time of admission in any of the programs being offered at Manav Rachna International University.


In order to motivate the students for better and sustained academic performance MRIU offers Merit Scholarship other than Scholarship / free ship enumerated above, for students securing Ist,2nd and 3rd positions in the odd & Even semester exams (based on the amalgamated SGPA / CGPA) every year for each programme being run at MRIU, as under:

a) First position : 25% of Tuition Fee or Rs. 25000/- which ever is less

b) Second Position : 15% of Tuition Fee or Rs. 15000/- which ever is less

c) Third Position : 10% of Tuition Fee or Rs. 10000/- which ever is less

The following are the guidelines for granting these Merit Scholarships:

1. Any programme must have strength of 90 or more in semester exam to qualify for first, second and third position scholarship; otherwise only a solitary topper shall be given a solitary first position scholarship.

2. If the strength of a course is 10 or less no scholarship will be awarded for that course.

3. A student shall be eligible to benefit for tuition fee waiver only from one source only.


1. The young and budding talent in MREI should not go looking out for resources in the field of technical education, research in physical science, social science and any other topic of topical interest emerging in the environment. To fulfill the ibid vision, the MRVF has taken a conscious decision to muster financial resources in the name and style of STUDENT STAFF AND ALUMNI WELFARE FUND (SSAWF).

2. The SSAWF resources would be utilized for accomplishing the under mentioned objectives

a. Rendering financial assistance to students, staff and alumni for research and higher studies for improving the overall well being of the under privileged and have knots of the society.

b. To provide financial assistance / scholarship to needy students for continuation of their higher studies.

c. To render assistance including ex-gratia payment to alumni for higher studies, distress and other contingency.

d. To honour MREI students, staff and alumni for their outstanding achievements in studies, profession, sports and entrepreneurship.

e. To provide financial and other resources for families of MREI owing to any natural calamity such as earthquakes, floods etc.

f. To provide financial support.


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