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Alumni/Student Speak

Mupulu houme daniel
B.Sc-IT (2013 Batch)

It is been an amazing journey in Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (formely MRIU) throughout the time I have spent here.I am confident that I have gathered enough knowledge and skills to become a successful IT professional.

M.Tech Civil Engineering with specialization in structural Engineering (Batch 2015-17)

I am grateful to MRIU Faculty for instilling in me the confidence and the grooming which I received during my M.Tech programme.The Faculty and staff have been very helpful and supportive. The message that I have for colleagues and students is “Work Hard and believe in yourself, result will follow”

BBA Global (IB)-2013 Batch

It is been a wonderful experience in Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (formely MRIU). throughout time I spent here. It helped me to understand the life in a good direction. I really appreciated the teachers here and I am confident that I have gathered enough knowledge and skills to become a successful person.

FAS (MPT, 2013)

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been a part of an Institution like Manav Rachna. It has given me a lot of exposure and there is so much that I learnt through my classes and teachers. MRIU has made me what I am today & the fact that I am a senior consultant at a prestigious clinic in Delhi is all because of the grooming that I got at Manav Rachna. The experience overall has been awesome, so to say.

B.Tech Civil (Batch 2013-17)

I am very grateful to MRIIRS (formely MRIU) for everything I have gained or experience in these 4 Years. The education part has been great no doubt but there is something bigger that connects me to this Institution which is the fact that I have never felt like I am away from home.

FMS, (MBA 2014)

As a Institution, Manav Rachna is superlative and I feel proud to have been a part of its culture & legacy. I am working with a top automobile company (BMW) and know that had it not been Manav Rachna, I may not have landed myself in such a coveted job. I was recruited through the campus placement drive at the Institution and know Manav Rachna played a vital role in preparing me for the future.

FAS Batch-B.Sc N & D 2011-2014

My main reason for choosing Nutrition and Dietetics programme was because it offers internship/training as part of the course, which I knew would give me a better insight into the Nutrition Science and Dietetics. I loved the breadth of the programme. I discovered subjects I never thought I would enjoy. I was able to build up a big picture on food, the influences of food & how food impacts the population.

FCA, (MCA 2014)

I am grateful to MRIU for giving me the confidence to forge ahead in life. As I took my degree at the Convocation Ceremony, I was filled with great pride and joy. For me, it was nothing short of a milestone. I am immensely grateful to my Faculty at Manav Rachna and the quality of education they imparted to us. Their technical acumen was so very superior & it was a privilege to be their student. I enjoyed my days at MRIU to the hilt & will always cherish the bygone years.

MPT alumni (Batch 2013-2015)
Consultant Physiotherpist, Qi Spine

The Deptt. of Physiotherapy, FAS, MRIIRS (formely MRIU) is characterized by good education, practical training and teaching. Most of all, this is probably one of the few Universities in the NCR which assists in campus placement. I have spent some of my most memorable years here and I have been able to pursue my training as a physiotherapist only because of MRIIRS (formely MRIU).

BPT (Batch 2010-2014)

Pursuing BPT course in MRIIRS (formely MRIU)  is best thing to happen to me! I have had some of the best experience here. There is a healthy student- teacher ratio. The curriculum is evidence based with emphasis on never-ending practical & clinical training. Along with curricular activities a number of extracurricular activities are also organized from time to time making the learning experience more memorable. I owe a big Thanks to the teachers having lots of experience and willingness to share it.

FAS Batch-M.Sc 2010 -2012,
Regional Trainer, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics is home to a vibrant research community and an innovative teaching and learning environment. I chose to join Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics as this course has been running for a number of years & is one of the best places to study Dietetics in the country. The course is excellent, although demanding at times but extremely rewarding.

MCA (2010-2013)

A special thanks to MRIU for giving us opportunities for all-round development and confidence to face the challenging market with full impact.

International record holder (Shooting)
FMS, (MBA 2010-2012)

I am proud to be associated with Faculty of Management studies, MRIIRS (formely MRIU). It not only provides holistic education but also inculcates sports culture in the students

Miss Asia Pacific 2013
BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) (2009-2012)

Thank you Manav Rachna for shaping and developing both my personality and communication skills that helped me to retain myself in the competitive world. Feel proud to be alumni of this Institution.

BPT alumni (Batch 2011-2015)

The Deptt. of Physiotherapy, FAS, MMRIIRS (formely MRIU) has been a great experience for me. My learning at MRIU has changed me personally and professionally. State of the art facilities, promising learning opportunities has given me excellent exposure which has gone a long way towards shaping my personality. Teachers at FAS have always been very motivating and guiding even after college life is over. Thank You MRIU for making me what I am today.… ”

FMS (MBA 2011-2013)

My profession requires understanding people, and at FMS, we were specifically taught about understanding individuals. It is the empathy towards each individual as a unique personality which has made a difference in my career. The role play exercises at FMS were helpful in particular.


Rigorous clinical training program and approachable academic staff whose warmth and dedication contradict their achievements&prestigious qualifications. A platform is provided for international exposure in the form of student teacher exchange programconducting various international workshops, seminars and conferences from experienced international faculty to develop the professional skills required for this booming profession. Now I am confident that I will step out having gained a solid foundation of knowledge & clinical acumen.

FMS Alumni (MBA 2009-’11)

Being a business professional, I now understand the nuances of the business world. The opportunities given by FMS for interacting with people from the industry are recalled by me each time I approach people for tie- ups. Thank you FMS!

(MBA, Batch: 2010-2012)

The college taught me the real values of profession and life. I enjoyed my student life with good quality of academics. Professors gave me personal attention to overcome my weaknesses. I thank my class mates and teachers for teaching me real lessons of life.

FMS (MBA 2009-2011)

FMS gave me all that I was looking for in a Business School- a wonderful infrastructure, experienced faculty, and excellent grooming. I still remember the wonderful outbound trip where we stayed in the serene environment at the foothills of the Himalayas ensconced in small tents. It was scary but a wonderful experience. I am into corporate sales with JC DeCaux.

FCA Alumni MCA (2009-2012)

The faculty members who spend countless hours developing course materials which are industry relevant gave me a good platform to learn and earn.

Quality Evaluator-Converges,
Gurgaon (Batch-2011-2014)

“My experience at Manav Rachna taught me to take risks. My course made me ready for the industry and I was prepared to meet the challenges of day to day life.”

Senior Account Manager, Marketing and Advertising department – ISTRAT.
(Batch 2010-2013)

“Advertising is a challenging job & one has to keep abreast with the changing trends. My course at Manav Rachna taught me to be future ready &i had a smooth of sailing from my place of learning to my workplace.”

CEO – Webnel (Batch 2009-2012)

“I am grateful to MRIIRS (formely MRIU) and my Faculty for instilling in me the confidence and the grooming which I received during my studies. The message that I have for my colleagues and my juniors is – “Believe in yourself, have a milestone to achieve.”

FAS – Gold Medalist M.Sc
Nutrition & Dietetics

The biggest piece of advice I have for my friends is to take advantage of every opportunity offered.

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