Conference On Social Media and Governance

Citizens have used social media to communicate report and map issues in society, which increases pressure on governments to respond. Often social media has been used for peace building and to monitor violence and on the other hand social media if used wrongly can be used to incite violence.Thus, with social media becoming the need of the hour, our topic “Social Media and Governance: Prospects and Challenges” would be an interesting topic to debate and discuss.The conference is being organized by Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Faculty of Media Studies & Humanities, Manav Rachan International University in Association with Central Institute of Hindi,Agra (A body under MHRD).

The above conference aims at sharing research and experience based knowledge among researchers, academicians, industry professionals, consultants, students and practitioners on contemporary field.The scholarly discourses will definitely help in explaining various issues confronted by the public in the modern age.

Original full length research papers/articles covering theme and sub themes as highlighted in attached brochure, are invited for submission and presentation in the conference.

We also request you to kindly share the mail in your network and encourage your faculty members, research scholars & students for Presentation and participation.

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