Department of Periodontology


A Dental implant center with successful placement of numerous implants and research on dental implants has been undertaken Lasers in Periodontics, An alternative to scalpel and research on lasers has been undertaken.As part of the PG program, An effort is made to encompass the vast field of Periodontology by conducting studies on microbiological, biochemical ,surgical and epidemiological aspects of this science.


The Dept of Periodontology conducted an continuing education programme

  1. Oral B and Bitein on maintainence of oral hygiene on 12th January 2015.
  2. Gingival Enlargement. Diagnosis and Management in collaboration with Colgate Pamolive India ltd. By Dr. Dwarkanath on 9th November 2016.
  3. In co-ordination with Oral B student support programme 2017 on maintenance of Oral Hygiene in Periodontal Therapy in March 2017.
  4. Demonstration to BDS final year and interns about New Oral B electric sensor tooth brush on 21st March 2017.
  5. Organized a course on ‘Latest advances in Diode laser dentistry’ with unicorn denmart on 19th april 2017, for students and faculty.
  6. Conducted Third online MCQ examination for interns on 5 th Dec, 2017.
  7.  CDE conducted ‘How to top NEET MDS Exam in first attempt’ by Dr. Amit Lall’ on 29 th Dec 2017

Infrastructure and Facilities
The department is well equipped with instruments and materials required to carry out routine periodontal care as well as specialized periodontal treatment. Efforts are made to routinely upgrade the equipment and keep abreast with advances in the field of Periodontics.


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