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A well-developed mind, passion to learn, and the ability to put knowledge to work are the new keys to the future of our young people, the success of businesses, and the economic wellbeing of the nation. India has undergone colossal transformation leaving fresh graduates to fulfill greater expectations because of the ever growing competition & need for excellence.

Nothing fuels the debate between the worlds of education and work so much as the subject of employability skills. CDC – the training arm of Manav Rachna, is accorded with the profound responsibility of imparting employability coaching – an aspect that in today’s world has taken as much prominence as the technical know-how. We aspire to provide a bridge between education and employment. Our approach supports learners in a seamless transition from education to work, training them to provide the confidence they need and employers the evidence of the skills they demand.

At CDC, we understand that for students to achieve exponential success, their interests and capabilities have to be aligned with each other. Hence, our interface with students starts when they are about to leave the protective cocoon of school and about to enter the realms of higher education. At this stage we offer comprehensive psychometric profiling for career assessment and have also accredited some well accomplished members with illustrious background as Career Advisors. They bear the responsibility of counseling the students to seek greater clarity about the opportunities that they can leverage right at the beginning to broaden their career prospects.

CDC remains an integral part of a student’s journey at Manav Rachna. Through a robust mechanism we impart training in personality, soft skills, aptitude and communication spread across semesters, as an embedded part of every course available at MR.

In addition to offering programmes in a plethora of fields, CDC provides a wide array of contemporary and niche set as well that help budding professionals to build an edge over others. SAP academy, Communication Gym, MR Centre of Foreign Languages and an in house Study centre by Career Launcher are some arenas which have been established to leave no stone unturned in making our students a sought after brigade of professionals.

At MREI, living by the philosophy of “Nurturing Young Minds”, we firmly believe that it is both our duty and privilege to harness the unleashed potential of our youth capital to enable them to discover and foster their talent.

The beacon of excellence offering expanded opportunities to its takers.

Manav Rachna Educational Instutions (MREI) firmly believes that “The only thing that remains constant is the change”. India has gone through a great transformation leaving fresh graduates to fulfill greater expectations and rightly so because of the ever growing competition and need for excellence. This has resulted in the largely talked about “industry – academia gap” where recruiters often complain about unemployable graduates.

MREI recognizes this issue and to ensure employability of students, has a designated unit –The Career Development Center (CDC) – a team of industrious faculty members who work ardently to build on those aspects of a student which are left untouched by classroom teaching in the usual course. CDC remains an integral part of a student’s journey at Manav Rachna right from the beginning of the course until the graduation.

Espousing New Knowledge in the New Age Era

CDC imparts training on various aspects of Personality, Soft skills, Aptitude and Communication through a robust mechanism spread across semesters as part of the curriculum of every program. With this being the primary function, CDC goes the extra mile in enhancing the employability of students through a basket of other offerings available exclusively at Manav Rachna.

CDC as a dedicated entity perpetually thinks about adding value to the students so that they take the world head-on and shoulder responsibilities that they fittingly deserve.

Beyond the Curriculum: Personality Enhancement

Keeping true to its principal motto of out of the box thinking, impeccable execution and continuous effort to improve, we at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) are constantly inspired by the greater good to undertake avant-garde initiatives for students. There is no denial to the fact that personality plays a critical role in shaping our future. Keeping this in mind, the overall grooming of our youth capital is our cynosure. Personality development is an exhaustive and profound process and hence, at CDC the mentoring of students starts from the very first semester itself, encompassing but not limited to enhancing professional and business communication skills; shaping up and further refining the notions, opinions, perceptions and attitude of an individual. We at CDC undertake all of this through a comprehensive & a robust training program devised for young minds. The lean team of CDC consists of some well accomplished members with illustrious backgrounds who act as Career Advisors for different faculties at Manav Rachna.

Aligning the right aptitude: Aptitude Development

Aptitude Development Aptitude development is a token of exclusivity at MREI. The statistics reveal that 70 percent of world’s recruitment companies use aptitude test as a part of their recruitment procedure. Thus, developing the right aptitude is paramount for securing better jobs. We at MREI help students in exploring and honing this natural talent by giving them a better understanding of their own aptitude.

  • At CDC, students are subjected to numerous aptitude problems of Numerical ability, Logical reasoning and Verbal Ability from as early as third semester.
  • Mega events inclusive of fun games and exercises are conducted from time to time that provides our students the necessary edge which would help them to stand out from the crowd.
  • By solving aplenty of such problems, the confidence of the students is boosted while sitting through the placements in the final year.

Employability Augmentation:

Listen to wise Longinus when he proclaimed “when you learn something of the outside, you realize something from the inside”. Giving shape to that something, we at CDC aspire to hone that inner zeal of students which would mobilize him/ her to continue doing better. Employability has many definitions but they break down into two broad groups. The first is the ability of a student to get, retain, and evolve in his/her profession after graduation. The other is the enhancement of the student’s attributes, skills, knowledge and attitude ultimately empowering the student for his life.

In this ever shrinking world, the employers are desirous of employing the human capital which is diverse. At that moment, it becomes essential to know your place and position in the industry/ market. To help the students know this, CDC has tie ups with some of India’s largest assessment networks like Aspiring Minds,, E litmus to name a few, which provides employability prospects to students over and above in-house opportunities. These assessments are multi-dimensional adaptive instruments that measure the knowledge, skills, and personality required for multiple job roles and provide accurate assessment of a candidate’s ability.

A student undergoes a battery of tests & the best result is shared with the companies. We also have a comprehensive feedback mechanism in place for the students.

CDC at MREI with its holistic approach orchestrates and trains students on the interactive attributes such as:

• Communication skills
• Interpersonal skills and team function
• Intellect and problem solving
• Analytic, Critical and reflective ability
• Willingness to learn and continue learning
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Risk Taking
• Self Skills
By inculcating these skills in students, we pave a pathway for them to elevate their employability quotient.

The Corporate Consociate
CDC has also spread out its wings outside the physical boundaries of Manav Rachna where it extends its services to Corporate Houses. The proficient army of CDC is well equipped to customize modules as per the requirement of the companies. This ensures that a well devised personality enhancement program can be directed to elevate the employees to the level desired by the company.

Communication Gym

Communication is the lifeblood of any transaction that takes place in the world and hence communication ability is the most sought after non-academic skill by employers all over the World – irrespective of the industry or the job profile. Whether it is about being able to grasp what is being taught in the class, or appearing for an interview during recruitment or amalgamating well in a workplace, a person with appreciable communication skills is often seen surpassing his counterparts with lesser degree of interaction capabilities

Manav Rachna in collaboration with Vision Net devised an integrated, one of its kind language lab for providing its students state of the art facilities to make communication enhancement engaging and fun filled. This language lab called the “Communication Gym” is equipped with interactive software that helps in providing individualized teaching to students, depending on their abilities.

The Communication Gym uses a unique blend of Trainer-led and Self-Led learning. This methodology exposes the learner to both real-life scenarios and situational learning using simulation techniques, coupled with cutting-edge technology and multimedia rich content. Manav Rachna is proud to bring this feature to its students & is certain that it will help them gain the much required edge in this competitive World.


Career Path Navigator, a robust psychometric analysis based career assessment and advisory tool gives the aspirants a complete picture about their inherent skills and strengths to facilitate their career choices. The tool maps the students profile on a wide gamut of career domains with career information on varied careers.

The Career path Navigator has all the essentials in aiding the choice of a good career because it assesses the aptitude of its partakers on the following fronts:

• Orientation Style

• Personality

• Abstract Reasoning

• Interest

• Language Usage Aptitude

• Numerical Aptitude

• Emotional Quotient

It’s time to take the plunge, embrace this change and explore a new YOU!

Aligning the right Aptitude

Under the galaxy of educational experiences at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI), the latest offering is the synergistic connect with CL Educate Ltd. (popularly known as career launcher). The CL Educate group will assist MRIU, MRU & MRIIC in industry academic research collaboration, wherein consultancy solutions will also be provided for further advancement of research labs and amplified filing of patents. CL Educate Ltd focuses on diverse segments of education, and across learners of multiple age-groups. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals including IIT-IIM alumni, with a passion for excellence in education, Career launcher will now set up their centre at Manav Rachna Campus in Faridabad region. This centre will serve as cost-effective, one – stop shop to students for providing vocational courses and preparatory education that too with ease and within their reach, thereby saving on their travel time. This initiative will be overseen by Career Development Centre, the learning arm of MREI.

Constellation of Courses:

CAT | XAT | CMAT | GMAT | SNAP GRE | SSC | CLAT | IELTS | Bank PO Civil services | GATE | Engineering

It is a time of change, challenge and success. Whether you’re looking to begin a degree or expand on an existing one, we encourage you to join us at MREI.

If You Talk To A Person In A Language He Understands, That Goes To His Head. If You Talk To Him In His Language That Goes To His Heart.”  …. Nelson Mandela


Foreign Languages: A catalyst to your career growth
In a rapidly changing world, remaining relevant and marketable is a challenge that every young mind
faces. But now, we can assure that the linguistic barrier will not become a roadblock for you. Learning a language at Manav Rachna would be the wind beneath your wings into a World of blurring global boundaries. Together we will venture into the skies of unbridled career and personal growth.

MRCFL – Espousing New Knowledge in the New Age Era.

Certificate/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma: An asset and experience of lifetime!

Courses Galore: Spoiled for Choices 

Foreign Language Courses English Language and

Preparation courses for

French Elementary Level
German Intermediate Level
Spanish Advanced Level: Preparation courses for
Japanese TOEFL
Chinese (Mandarin) IELTS
Arabic TEP
Russian **

 “Tailored courses for corporate employees, Multinationals and people with a passion for linguistics is a latest addition in the bouquet of offerings ’
** Coming Soon

In a world which is brimming over with hybrid languages, why is it necessary to find linguistic roots, MRCFL (Manav Rachna Centre of Foreign Languages) attempts to answer the questions that is increasingly plaguing the world of employment in contemporary times. We are here to engender new understanding of old beliefs and new meanings.

French | German | Spanish | Japanese | Chinese (Mandarin) |
Arabic | English language Courses

Hi Tech Terrene: The SAP academy
(First private university in North India to have an SAP Student Academy)

Establishing interface with industry for enabling a practical approach
With the thought that the World is expanding; and in this generation of ever growing intellectual capabilities, it is imperative that we as individuals understand the needs of the market to be able to contribute effectively in the economy’s progress. Also, as educators, we have great responsibility to ensure that we pass on this feeling to our students as well. One of the innovations, and now a necessity, that is piquing interest of the employers around the World is the knowledge of SAP.

The enterprise application solutions by the organization System Application and Products (SAP) have eased the data processing today and have catapulted the World into one where the information complexities can be smoothened in a much simpler manner.

SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) is a German multinational software corporation which builds enterprise software modules to manage varied business operations and customer relations. SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with regional offices in 130 countries.

An asset and experience of a LIFETIME!!

Module Type
SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) Technical
SAP MM (Material Management) Functional
SAP FI (Finance) Functional
SAP HR (Human Resource) Functional
SAP S & D (Sales & Distribution) Functional

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions have a great fervor to prepare its students for the changing global scenario. On this journey of evolving students, we have partnered with SAP Student Academy and Sashakta. This collaboration makes us an authenticated center to impart knowledge on the SAP modules on the diverse verticals.

Preparing skilled students – “the key to reap India’s demographic dividend”

The training for these modules shall be a blend of Instructor-led and On-line mode using LMS, for which high-end Labs have already been set-up in the campus. The 200 Hours of training with a blend of 40:60 ratios of overview and specialization respectively is a part of this module.

Fostering Multidisciplinary Academic Experience:
The technical program is known as the Advanced Business Application Program (ABAP) and the functional program gives the fervent readers a chance to choose from four modules i.e. Human Resource, Sale & Distribution, Finance, and Material Management.
SAP is a self-study and self enhancement module which demands pious dedication and vehement attitude. Manav Rachna offers support of specialized trainers along with the online aid and prescribed study material to enhance the comprehension of its dear students. The thrust behind the training is to make the students employable to the lion’s share of the huge market.
Any successful operation, product or application is always at the risk of reckless duplication. Manav Rachna understands the impulse and is unsympathetic to such illegitimate business. We at MR put unflagging endeavor and zeal to Bridge the Academia – Industry divergence and make our students Future Ready!!
This system of courses is not just available to MREI students but also to our alumni and associates all over.

The Corporate Consociate

Special customized corporate trainings are also available from the realm of SAP academy. Considering the vast majority of businesses running on SAP technology the benefits of being certified in SAP are increasingly being understood by people at all levels.

Enroll now and embrace the change!!

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