Manav Rachna Academic Staff College (MRASC)

Brig S.N. Setia (Retd.)

Executive Director – MRASC & Director – Admissions
Post Graduation (Telecommunication & IT), Higher Defence Management, MMS, PGD HRM, PGD FM, ndc, ptsc
Experience: 47 Years

A well-qualified faculty is a ‘sine-qua-non’ for any educational entity of repute. In its quest to take quality education to the next higher level, Manav Rachna has established the Manav Rachna Academic Staff College (MRASC), a Nodal Centre aimed at providing facilities for promotion of education and advancement of learning. As a part of its initiatives, it generates awareness not only among faculty and staff members but also for support staff so as to usher in all-round development of the institution

MRASC aims at establishing a Nodal Centre for providing facilities for promotion of education and advancement of learning to meet the following objectives:

  • Assess the contemporary Teaching and Learning Needs.
  • Understand the significance of education in general and higher education in particular, in global and Indian contexts.
  • Understand the linkages between education, economic, socio-economic and cultural development, with particular reference to Indian polity where democracy, secularism and social equity are the basic tenets of society.
  • Acquire and improve art of teaching at the University / College / School level to achieve goals of quality education.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in their specific academic related subjects to enrich their teaching inputs.
  • Understand the organization and management of a University /College/ School and to perceive the role of teachers in the total system.
  • Utilize opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity.
  • Promote computer literacy as well as use of ICT in teaching & learning process.
  • To imbibe the modern and futuristic teaching/learning techniques, skill sets and innovative tools.
  • Promote research and development
  • Organize seminars, conferences, memorial lectures and syndicate or group discussions to exchange ideas on current and futuristic topics of interest by including eminent personalities and alumni (spread across the globe) from corporate, public and private sector and other universities including foreign universities and R&D departments as special invitees and panelists.
  • Extend membership to other schools, colleges and universities for joint participation and activities.
  • In the current calendar year, MRASC has been able to facilitate training of as many as 1876 faculty and staff members.

At the University level, Manav Rachna Universities have Internal Quality Assurance Cell which works in close coordination with Manav Rachna Academic Staff College.

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