Vice President’s Message


Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice President MREI

For 20 years, MREI has been providing the time and space one needs to reflect, reinvigorate one’s current role, and advance global leadership capabilities. Our education has been challenging assumptions, disrupting usual ways of doing business, and introducing new ways of thinking. Our founder visionary Dr. O P Bhalla has believed in cultivating learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Our programmes are designed around a “living-and-learning” model that encourages interaction with the faculty and peers from all around—a starting point for evolving leadership philosophy. We structure our programmes to ensure that participants interact closely with the faculty and guest faculty. Lectures, simulations, and group discussions foster collaboration with peers from various sectors and cultural backgrounds. Our programmes not only engage through daily interactions. They encourage leadership by looking within: at personal milestones, challenges, and triumphs. This introspection is part of the growth process. It’s one of the reasons why many students undergo a life-changing experience. These programmes build on groundbreaking research, recent developments, and the latest insights from faculty thought leaders and real-life experience to address current challenges and emerging opportunities. They are based on groundbreaking research, recent developments, and the latest insights from faculty thought leaders. Peer interaction offers valuable insights into the issues that shape future leaders.

The diversity of our classrooms as it has been across 20 years encourages a lively exchange of different points of view, bringing valuable perspectives to bear on relevant challenges. Our faculty is renowned for its ability to draw upon real-world insights and expertise to engage in activities that expand leadership abilities. Students emerge with practical knowledge that they can apply to daily challenges. With a tradition of leadership and innovation across 20 years, MREI is prepared to seize this opportunity and moment. After all, we have been a key part of what is right about education.

The future is impatient. With your endeavour, we will begin the next chapter in the life of MREI that has been, and will continue to be, like no other. Together, we will learn to change the world. You are invited to join.

Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice President MREI