Chief Patron’s Message

Mrs. Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron

Mrs. Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron


Since its inception, MREI has been a distinctive intellectual and educational community, and the values that underpinned its establishment have been an important guide since that time. Marking the 20th anniversary of MREI’s founding will provide special opportunities for reflection on these values and how their manifestations over time have shaped us and our vital work in knowledge disbursement. Perhaps the most distinctive attribute in 20 years has been its deep and unwavering commitment to open discourse, free expression, and a singular focus on rigorous inquiry. Visionary founder Dr. O P Bhalla viewed free expression as an essential basis for an institution where strength of ideas, not social standing or other considerations, would determine success in education and research. It is a legacy we have all inherited and a value we must preserve. When MREI was founded 20 years ago, it set itself apart from most comparable institutions by its commitment to the admission of persons from all backgrounds who could benefit from and contribute to the intellectual life.

Our visionary founder foresaw Manav Rachna as a natural partner both for the region’s ambitions and to address the well-being of the community. For him, none was more important for MREI’s academic eminence and impact than an insistence on recruiting and supporting the finest faculty in the world. This remains our standard in every field represented here. Our success depends upon the constant commitment of faculty who recognise that generating ideas that enrich understanding, enhance human life, contribute to the stewardship of the world’s cultures, and create the environment for inquiry-based education form the core of MREI’s inheritance and its future.

I am grateful for the dedication that everyone has demonstrated towards 20 years of excellence at MREI. I feel a profound sense of responsibility for being part of MREI’s proud legacy of groundbreaking ideas and transformational educational experiences and building on the strong foundation created by Dr. Bhalla.

With education and knowledge at an inflection point, we must strive to equip future leaders with the competence and character to address emerging challenges.

My blessings.

Ms. Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron